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  1. and i Chnaged it to 1.0 I can Connect but teh game Crashes...Still and it still wont update from 1.0-1.1 (it says: Unable To Update, GTA_VC Unknown Version.)
  2. Okay my Damn Version of GTA_VCsf1.b (i dunno why it says 1.b) woudlnt update So i changed its name (From GTA_VCsf1.b) to GTA_VCsf1.1 and Now when i connect to a server it says" Unable To Connect, Suspected Trainer Usage" I DIDNT USE TRAINERS!!!!!! Help
  3. tHE Patch still doesnt Work When i delete GTAVCsf.1b (its a B File) It still says: GTA_VC.exe Unknown Version..... anyway to fix that
  4. Okay I deleted The GTA_VC.set (te Rc Car one) and I tried installing Patch, Unknown Version, theres only 1 thing left in folder, and thats GTAVCsf.1b (its a B File) What do i do now?
  5. Okay all thats in my GTA User Files is: GTA_VC ( Virtual RC Car Setup File) I just delete That, and Then Delete it from My Trash Can, Then it will work?
  6. Uhh Why delete GTA_VC.set? All it is is a Virtual RC Car Setup file, I dont think that would solve My MTA Problem...
  7. Why wont that delete my Execute File for GTA?
  8. Well My friend Burned the game for me but,The game GTA:VC (around 2 gb) Wouldnt Fit on the CD, so he Ripped, and Made the file size down to: 238 MB and Since he ripped it, the CD When i put it in my Drive, Its just a Zip Folder, and i unzip it and such, And If i talk the Disk out of my Drive the game will still play, But i DIDNT install a " No CD" Crack So does this mean, I will have to buy GTA:Vc From a Store To Play MultiPlayer?
  9. Uhh I just Got an Error That says Unknown Version When i tried to install Patch (I've Got this error Before in MTA)
  10. Okay where do I Put the Patch? In What FoldeR? Main GTA Folder? Ect?
  11. Where do i Download VC Version 1.1 Patch?
  12. Like It acts Like It Crashes, People say update my game From 1.0-1.1 (I dunno what version i have) and I Installed the GTA Game to my My Documents Folder, So all the Game files and All the Game Folders are all scattered Around in the "My Documents" Folder (VC on Single Player works, i played it once and made a save)
  13. Okay I got MTA, and I have Win Xp Professional (I have GTA VC) So here's teh deal, I installed, And Selected a Server, Clicked Connect, ten Clicked "start Multi Theft Auto) Then It loads On a Title screen and The game Immedatly Crashes/ Exits without an Error, I need Help, Thanks
  14. Okay I already Know that its just will GTA: VC work with MTA even though i dont have sound files?
  15. Hey I got GTA: VC From My freind and Im getting MTA: VC but...I dont have any sound files (He didnt include them), Will i still be able to Play MTA?
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