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  1. There are already/was several GTA Multiplayer mods made in C++, for example YaMM, which was merged with MTA, to become MTA .3, I think. MTA has had a lot longer to mature and become a lot more advanced. -Skitzo
  2. If that's stored localside and isn't encrypted.. it'd be pretty stupid.. Open notepad, open ini, add a few 0s on the end of kills=**, and suddenly I have 4000 kills. Server side would be better, but then you'd need a master server or something?
  3. You could always take the easy option and have non-synced peds.. Or, an option for peds in LAN. Peds would make it a lot more interesting, IMO. It's a bit dodgy having such huge maps which are 98% empty. I'm not sure how peds in cars would work if it was not synced though... -Skitzo (I'm back! )
  4. Thanks xenex.. Lets also remove the cars, because if someone drives into you with one, you can die.. while we are at it, lets remove all the remaining weapons.. Hey, what about melee weapons? I know! lets just remove all the people! But then I have a useless mod.. Hmmm.. lets remove MTA too... Get a clue.. Weapons are there to shoot, and kill people.. OMFG.. IT'S AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.. - If it's so fucking unfair.. why don't you use the same weapons? Quit bitching, kiddies.. -Skitzo
  5. He crashed my game, and disconected MTA (because of crappy dialup). When I went to connect again, the server was full.. Damn cheating scum.. -Skitzo
  6. artigamer, the new forum is built into the new layout.. It would be a bit pointless to have another forums when we have this one which fits in with the site.. -Skitzo
  7. The channel on quakenet is empty.. And why quakenet? Why not on the offical MTA server? -Skitzo
  8. I did mean a GTAWO IRC channel, me. But you were more help than warlord -Skitzo
  9. I think this mod needs an IRC channel so the whole team can discuss different issues.. Also, does everyone hate me or has no one been on MSN for the last week? -Skitzo
  10. Skitzo

    A New Family In Town

    Thats beside the point.. My status is newbie but just because I don't post as much as others, dosn't make me a newbie
  11. Looks nice, artigamer.. Do you have MSN or ICQ?? Edit: It seems the Login page is dead... Also, I think I might make a smaller logo for the forums so it dosn't looks scretched and make the text look bad. -Skitzo
  12. I fixed it for now. But it is still on a server with limited bandwidth (not free though ) Redspike and I are looking into paying for a good webhost.. If you know of any, please let us know -Skitzo
  13. Yeah, sorry about that. I need to find a good web host... If any one knows of one or can host it, please contact us.. -Skitzo
  14. How can you change your title? Do you need to contact an admin? -Skitzo
  15. I agree with artigamer.. Deathmatch is needed first, and team deathmatch can be built from that.. -Skitzo
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