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    GTA3:MTA Poll

    I hate it when ppls are spread out all over the map. GTA3 in my opinion is better with the map layouts and it's more compact, so it will hopefully be more fun...
  2. I agree to that, but it would take abit of time to do with coding..
  3. HAHA, i tel you what, if a cd is scrashed really bad, scratch it some more and you know what, it might just work again, it's wierd but it has worked for me 80% of the time. i just scratch it in the opisite direction and it's usually fine..
  4. hmmm. dam cheaters... i hope they all die a horible death..
  5. Well said, MrBump with yoda pic, he must be a wise person.. if he has yoda under his name..
  6. I can imagin that with the method of memory hacking GTA would be a slow and painfull process in developing MTA, so i dont think it's a matter of saying that you should pick up the pace. cos i can imagin that it's dam hard to make everything sync and make it look as singleplayer..
  7. Nice stuf MTA... i haven't forgoten you's.. hahaha oh and i lov the new screenies... very nice...
  8. i'v had this done to me before as well, in singleplayer i mean.. but i wasn't in control, the AI was and i couldn't do anything about it.. it was driving me around the block in a car.. it was wierd, the guy drove around like a maniac... it was fun to watch for a while
  9. Vice city was never considered as GTA-4. It was ment to be like an expansion, well thats what they first said then developing it but that kinda changed didn't it. i heard awhile ago when R* registered the domain name for San Andreas, Romer has it that GTA-4 is San Andreas and that it's a Multiplayer Online version of GTA with a new engine.. i haven't heard anything for awhile about it though.. i could be talking alot of crap, but thats what i'v heard
  10. -=DeNMaN=-

    LAN Game

    Yes im doing it the same way as Ranma, and it works great.. My computers in my LAN have their IP address's given dynamicly and my server has NIC's with 2 ip address, one static for LAN and Static for Inet..
  11. It could be done providing the netcode is tweaked further then it already is.. Cos the amount of bandwidth needed for a co-op game would be huge.. It would be ok for LAN uses though. Also the AI in Vicecity wasn't built to support more then 1 player so that will also have to be rewriten. It would take alot of time me thinks, Yet it would be really fun
  12. Thats one way to fix it, and i'v used that method afew times. Just remember to reinstall all the sercurity fixes like SP1 or Sp2 what ever you have
  13. sorry.. but i know it's not a good idea to login as another user if one user has a crashed.. What i usually do is CTRL+ALT+DEL and end the process and not the task, then disconnect on MTA and reconnect again, then load up Vice City again, and it's fine.. It's not a good move to switch users at all if one user has crashed their workspace cos it just complicates the issues with a problem hte machine already has to face.... I work in a school and i'v come across this before with other software packages.. I hope this helps you out cos i know it's a pain in the ass then it happens so dont worrie MTA.. it's not your fault
  14. it's a good idea worth considering me thinks
  15. i cant see hte 3rd one but the 2nd and 4th look nice to me
  16. yeah MTA.. Blokker, Cray, IJ, etc.... you know what i mean... anyways.. Great coding with MTA:VC.. this is a huge step forward to creating the ultimate Multiplayer game. I can tell you it has been working great at my neck of the woods.. i played 21 player over LAN it it was some funny stuff.. Haven't laughted so hard in a long time.. And it's the most stable yet.. i think only 1 machine out of the 21 crashed once in an hour to an hour and a half of playing. i want all of you MTA ppls to give each over a HUGE pat on the back.
  17. Dudes.. i wouldn't waist my time with that looser.. he has no creative thinking, and it's probably his first time ever on a computer so he wouldn't know anything about programming or how anything is created.. he just sounds like some 8 year old anyways.. dosen't know what he talking about
  18. It would be good to have a 3rd person view on your team only when your dead and not on the enemy. Or to have the option for a free look but i think thew 3rd person spectating thing with this type of rules would be abit of work to accomplish propley.. i dont know.. i could be talking shit
  19. actually.. i was wondering.. is all the time being spent on MTA:VC at the moment or equally on MTA0.35 GTA3 and MTA:VC.. cos i haven't heard much of an update about 0.35 lately.. unless i'v missed somthing.. well i haven't been here in a while as well
  20. Hmmm.. xerox.. i think you should lock this thread.. hmmm yes... i remember their being a tread about this in hte other mods form..
  21. nice to hear from you xerox.. ill try to catch you on IRC tonight, same bat time, same bat channel... how lame am i... hahah
  22. Very nice MTA... i haven't been here much lately cos of work and stuff. but i manage to sneek in the forms once or twice a week to see how well MTA is doing, and it's looking great.. keep it up guys..
  23. I too beleave the lib city was designed much better and that the darkness and envioment around the city apels to me more then bright color tops and stuff.. i love the dudes black jacket makes him look improtant and deadly
  24. Post'em mikiro.. me needs to see more ... ill catch ya later on IRC..
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