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  1. GL and nice site cool 404 error banner.
  2. By the sounds of things your editing Jax, Oli's RPG, you should start by trying to make a script yourself and the .ini make your own one, Also if I were you I'd start editing Jax's First RPG script, then go on to editing harder ones.
  3. I Suppose you could as Australians are sort of British anyway.
  4. Mophead


    I found a old copy of this just wondering if anyone has a up to date one?
  5. ill play if you want..., so will u,junx,capone,serbian, erm...
  6. I'm not cause I'm shite, I been practicing with a non laggy pc
  7. I suppose we could do UK instead of England.
  8. No offence gunny but mack is 10 times the player you are..
  9. Its Krim's own country which exists only in his mind with only himself in.
  10. Well make some backup copies of your .ini's.
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