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  1. Yet another person who didn't read the entire post. First of all, I said that it runs fine on my laptop. If you read down further, JonChapells response fixed my problem with the video card drivers. Not only that, this post is here to find out what the problem was. If you read what I said fully, you will discover that I had a PC capable of playing it, and now I own a laptop since selling it. I have had San Andreas for a while now, and to be told that i should read the box is pathetic. Generally the Minimum System Requirements are a bunch of hooey anyway. For example, I have managed to get Windo
  2. No problems. My laptop runs everything on 25FPS for some reason, even the menus... except for 60FPS before the game starts. none the less, it's smooth as... This is: - 800x600 - about 1/2 Draw Distance - MIP Mapping - Medium Texture Detail - Frame Limiter ON - Anti-Aliasing OFF (because who cares in 800x600 about AA) The specs of the laptop are: IBM ThinkPad T40 Intel Pentium-M 1.5GHz (Centrino with L2 Cache of 1MB) 32MB ATI Radeon 7500 512MB of RAM 40GB HDD (5400RPM) The game takes alot more to load, and compared to my 9800 I did have, it runs shithouse. But then again, running i
  3. It runs superb in 800x600 with low quality textures, and it is not shared memory. Considering that it runs flawlessly with perfect frame rate, I would expect MTA to run. I sold my PC with an ATi Radeon 9800 256MB which obviously ran it much better... but it runs fine on my laptop - and considering that it is running now with no dropouts (MTA that is) or less Frames Per Second, the system requirements mean squat. Have a nice day, Orb!ter EDIT: JonChappel, that's precisely what I did to make it work...
  4. solved... I couldn't find a post before, but now I have... i will try the recommendations there. Feel free to delete this topic as it has no importance.
  5. Hi, I downloaded and installed the newest version of MTA SA, in which won't run on my IBM Thinkpad T40 with ATI Radeon 7500 (32MB). As San Andreas itself runs superb, I have no idea as to why I get a very dull green screen right the way through (except for the Rockstar video). I couldn't find MTA SA R1.1.0, so if someone has it or has a recommendation on how to fix it, then please advise. BTW, I don't have a PC to play it on or the money to purchase one after buying this laptop. If that's your answer, then don't reply - i don't want to hear how shit my laptop is and how uber 1337 a PC is. If
  6. Here Here to that... I like Destruction Derby because of its skill required to stay alive. Stupid kids do stuff up Hydra races - what needs to happen is in map creation, you can disable certain vehicles weapons. That'd work really work.
  7. Go and get your modem's manual or type in or in the address column and see if you can't find how to disable nat. Without knowing the types of modem(s), I can't really give you any assistance. I know DLink ones seem to be
  8. Sounds like you are using either Windows XP SP2 with only 10 half-open connections available at one time, or you are using an ADSL modem with NAT Enabled preventing a flood of connections. If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2, you will need to search for a program that allows you to open up more connections. If you are using NAT, then disable it.
  9. Ok... basically I am a person (especially in racing mode) that have really long races, or dog-eat-dog type races. I would also like to see more skill based ones like Blow The Dam. A couple more Destruction Derby ones would be good too. I know alot of people hate them, but it's getting booooring watching the same people (including me) winning the same race over and over again. In Destruction Derby, it's the player who survives from exploding barrels, and the edge. It's a difficult one. Blow The Dam requires very fine-tuned skill to maintain your motorbike's stability and your hovercrafts level
  10. Why on earth would you want to hear some n00bler's or 12yo's saying "you M***er F***er - push F1" "don't push F2" "come on! Evryone Vote F1" "Press F1 for free p0^n" "Press Alt-F4 if you can't wait" "F1 F1" Personally - I hate it as it is with text. It's only going to be worse if there was a voice chat system...
  11. Or... you could just load Windows Media Player in the background and get yourself an internet/multimedia keyboard that allows you to skip tracks. For some reason SA doesn't like any of my MP3's in the MP3 directory - yet will work on my Bro's computer. So, I just have them loaded in the background.
  12. Hi all, This was something really funny that happened on a server a couple of days ago. I got shot by a tank whilst I was on a push bike in the freeroam map, and I actually fell off my bike (hense I was on foot). The problem i had was that others would spectate me and could still see me on the bike. I walked up chillad which apperantly made the bike look really strange. See if you can replicate the problem! Orb!ter
  13. Sounds like race to mondo-burger? Sound familiar?
  14. Hi, I have a server running sucessfully, with people always joining - the problem is, I can connect to my server using the Admin tool to ban/kick etc using, but others cannot connect if they are on a different IP Address. I haven't been able to find the answer using the search, so a fast reply would be great. Orb!ter
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