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  1. Yup, though some people dont read the rules.. Sorry my friends! I make good my message! Read that message again!
  2. Elo Scar! I speak English fairly well!
  3. English / Hungary You does not practise what you preaches! / Bort iszol és vizet prédikálsz! If you don't know what I say, read your red sentence! / Ha nem értenéd a pirosra gondolok! I hope Eyore hand over my message "the postman stupid"! / Remélem Eyo meg átadta, hogy hülye a postás!
  4. No comment! I update my registration to my old name! Thx all for everyone! You haven't seen the last of me!
  5. What an idea! Thx! Aeron pls help!
  6. Elo all! I want an armour check script if possible! I don't know how about to begin! I don't find in forum or mtama relate to armour! If I have 100 armour then = 200 hp or what? Pls give me a starting point! Thx! Bye!
  7. Thx the invite! You were already in my MSN!
  8. Tara tara taraaaa! A new good player join to HAW clan! He is [HAW]Eyore alias Kakaska! Woohoo 4 members again!
  9. She isn't bitch! She is fancy piece! But MTA a good game! She's word is final!
  10. ______________Edited______________ Hi all! We are a new Hungarian team! Website is Under construction, but turn on your speaker and prick up one's ears! It's funny! Members: [HAW]Pooh alias Balázs [HAW]Piglet alias Vakond [HAW]Owl alias Zoli For Hungarian players: Tagokat keresünk! Ha ugy érzed, hogy szeretnél egy jó kis csapat tagja lenni, keress meg minket! Elvárásaink: -Legyél komoly, ha lehet 16 év feletti némi IQ-val -A csapat legyen számodra a fontos és ne az egyéni eredményeid -Tartsd be a szabályokat -Meccs alatt ne baromkodj -Ne fikázz más
  11. Gopher did not work! We sent away him! Thx all! Bye! Rabbit out of clan, becouse his girfriend ... Thx all! We expect you back! Bye!
  12. [VcR] - [HAW] 2 - 1 Nice fight, fair play! Thx the game! Next friendly training soon!
  13. Good Luck and long life to your clan! Sok szerencsét és hosszú életet a klánotoknak!
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