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  1. Yes, i have searched, but this error hasn't showed up before: first thingy:c0000005 other thingy(seen only one pic of this in the forums and nobody had answered that <.< ):0043d38f so, this 0043d38f is being the problem, i searched forums, found nothing about it, and i cant get to play <.<
  2. I got it fixed in an unusual way: I went to control panel, then network connection properties. then i saw, that the firewall was off, but then, i turned it on, pressed Ok, then went again to the properties and turned it off, and then it worked! Thanks for helping me out
  3. I dont have one.... Hmm, Oh my god, NO! Error: I could not see your service on on port (1237) Reason: Connection refused thats one port that firefox uses When nat was still on, it said "Connection timeout" Hmm, Uber wierd.
  4. OS:Windows XP Sp1 Professional Edition. Vice city 1.0. Latest MTA Server release. ************************* Okey, this is my problem: When i start my server, it starts all fine. But, no one cant join! There's nothing wrong with my router(Nat=Disabled, Ports are Forwarded.) and neither nothing wrong with my Ethernet card And, when i check the port with "Open Port Check Tool"( Canyouseeme.org ), it reports: Error: I could not see your service on ***.***.***.** on port (2003) Reason: Connection refused So, i need help ASAP
  5. Cool! well, thank you for telling me all this now i know things alot better
  6. Okey, and well, i heard that the blue for SA will be released tomorrow, is this true? And if blue is made for GTA III, is it possible so that it would be possible to go on all islands? AND, could there be added an option to play your own custom maps with MTA?
  7. okey, but question about this Blue Core Engine. Will it be used in MTA:GTA3 and MTA:VC too? one of my friends said so, so im wondering if its true..?
  8. yes it would be cool if there would be pedesterians on the streets and cars moving that you can hijack like in GTA III and VC and SA has on singleplayer.
  9. well, i see that MTA doesnt have boats on gta III and when tried to go to other islands theres "WARNING" and 10 seconds to go back. is there any way that you could remove the warning so we could go to every island AND that every island would have vechiles, and we would really like boats too. THAT would be perfect if ya would do this. Thank You. -Rix
  10. i already reinstalled it, and now it works. that had maybe workd. darn. well, no problem, problem solved.
  11. um, im trying to play GTA 3, not vice city... duhh, ill just install gta again and tell if it didnt help.
  12. it's maybe this: umm, but where can i get the weapon.dat and weapon.mta now from?
  13. Okey, here's the deal. i started my clan server as usual. didnt do anything except tried to connect, and it said: You are running an modified version of the MTA Client. Please Reinstall. i did reinstall, then i made the server again, tried to connect. And same message still. Please help me asap!
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