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  1. I wait till sa racing release cause its a quintessence of Nfs and all other racings
  2. VEN0M

    I Saw a U.F.O

    If exactly, all those UFOS are just an US top secret projects and nothing else. there are no facts that UFo exists
  3. VEN0M


    Lol stalker is Pc game
  4. depends on type , i mean satellite or cable
  5. VEN0M


    Huh. noone plays games here? =))))
  6. I think if they post too often update, they will waste thir time making list of bugs and putting up some news. let them work
  7. VEN0M


    The told it will be released not earlier than 2007
  8. The more i wait the more i beleive MTA will be something cool and unforgetable...
  9. You shouldnt ask anyway See that smile? understand now ?
  10. Thanks, Jon. Now i dont need to ask about release date
  11. Go to: Contol panel / uninstall programs. uninstall the game. if it wont help launch game setup directly. gl
  12. Lol. Those artifacs are typical when you are overclocking
  13. 1) Reinstall Drivers of Motherboard 2) Of Video card 3) Update bios
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