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  1. Will it be possible to remove all the vehicles someone has spawned if they get kicked? Say for instance a spammer were to spawn a load of tanks and when they get vote or admin kicked for doing so, all the tanks will dissapear. I think this will be quite useful so if you manage to figure out how to set the timer on any spawned vehicle then could you try and do something along the lines of this? Maybe going too deep, but it'd be awesome if someone manually quits or times out then their vehicles get put on the timer instead and taken off if they rejoin, but this looks like a hell load of work.
  2. I agree with the frame limit, it will reduce lag alot. Though if it's possible then I'd love to see the framerate set to at least 30fps, it's only 20% more but looks so much smoother and also personally to me, as a console gamer and FRAPS user who is almost always recording at 30fps (thus playing at that speed), it's very natural.
  3. There's already a thread with the same issue, he managed to get it working. ... 13e9a197f0 (last post)
  4. Hey, I'm Enigma's friend and he managed to get it working. He downloaded, but forgot to install the downgrader patch and that's why it wouldn't start up. If someone's having the same problem and have the latest version of SA then use this and it should fix it.
  5. No PC version has been confirmed, but it's not just for PS3, not only that but it's also coming for 360 at the exact same time as PS3 and will have exclusive content via Xbox Live. Multiplayer has been announced but they're not going for a large number, there'll probably be some deathmatch type gamemodes or perhaps co-op, nothing has been announced on what multiplayer modes are, only that there will be multiplayer and that there won't be a big number of players. They haven't mentioned PC at all, if it does come, it'll be a long wait. Oh and for the original poster, do some research, stuff with saying you need a PS3 for it when it'll be on 360 too and also saying PC hardware isn't as powerfull, yours maybe, but PCs are capable of whooping the consoles asses in terms of graphics, the PS3 really isn't that powerfull, it was just Sony and everyone exhadurating. It annoys me when people think the PS3 is ultra powerfull, it's just as powerfull as the 360, multiplatform games actually look WORSE on the PS3 because it's hard to develop for and again, PCs are way ahead. People have said all kinds of shit about the PS3 which isn't true, "8 processors" bullshit, 1, single core processor with 8 (7 available to developers) SPEs, they can assign those to different tasks efficiently, but the processor is 3.2GHz, the 360 has a tri-core processor, developers can assign each core to a task efficiently, but each core runs at 3.2GHz. Technically the 360's processor is more powerfull, but the PS3 can be used more efficiently, though developers are having a hard time doing it. I can only assume the PS3 is so popular because of all these myths that it's a really powerfull machine that blows everything out of the water,it really isn't. It's not a bad console at all (if it had some exclusive games I find interesting I'd get one), but it's nowhere near what alot of people think it is. I guess Sony is really good at brainwashing.
  6. Martz


    In the demo, there are only 10 songs, I personally think they all suck and I turn them off and either have it with no music or stream my own music from my PC (well, not my music, but what I like). Voice acting is pretty good, while playing, you're given advice all the time about stuff, the guy who says all that stuff I think has a good voice and he often says funny things, but can get a little repetitive (in the demo, because he says stuff you've already heard the last time you played) so I sometimes turn the voice off too, peds talk to each other and to you like in GTA, I don't think you can respond to them though, I haven't really listened to the stuff they say but I've heard a few phrases that are pretty funny, the peds/enemies also swear but nowhere near as freaquent as in GTA.
  7. Martz


    Crackdown on Xbox 360 is a free roaming shooting/driving game, like GTA but is set in the Future and your character has super powers! You upgrade your powers as you go along by collecting things such as agility orbs found on rooftops and hard to reach places that make you run faster and jump higher, you can do stunts, jump through specially place hoops and run enemies over in your car to gain driving skill and you can throw things into enemies or beat them up to grow stronger. You can also get better at using weapons by shooting enemies and get better at using explosives by blowing them up. But the best feature in my opinion is the option to play with a friend, or a random stranger while doing whatever you want, in the full game you can start a single player game and just play on your own and someone else can join you and you fight crime (or just mess around) together, unless you set it so only friends can join or only people you invite can join. The graphics are cell shaded but don't look fully cartoony like XIII or The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker, the cars have reflections on them and the textures are quite detailed rather than just coloured in with one colour. The amount of vehicles and pedestrians on screen at once is a whole lot more than the current GTA titles, meaning driving on the pavement can be a spectacular display of many bodies flying in the air with ragdoll physics, without any slow down on the framerate (which sometimes happened if you hit around 10 bodies at once on Saints Row). What I really like about this game is that it's so hard not to have fun, I recorded a session I had with a friend yesterday on the Demo (available on the market place) and even though we weren't doing much funny things, we were constantly laughing and just having fun. ( )It comes out on Febuary 20th and it also comes with an invitation to the Halo 3 beta, which has sold it for many Halo fans, but I'm getting it for the game alone. For more information (there's loads I've missed out about this game) look up a review on IGN or wherever else you prefer, if you have an Xbox 360 with Live (silver or gold, but need a gold account to play co op over Live) then I truely reccomend downloading the demo and giving it a try, it's a hefty 1.24 GB and quite a long download time with so many people downloading it, but hopefully it'll be worth the wait.
  8. Martz


    The recorder should have followed in a first person view, you could hardly see anything in the video.
  9. When you see the server list, what are the pings like there? try to join servers with less than 100 ping, location has alot to do with ping also, if there's a server in the UK then you'll mainly see people from the UK in it, so they'd all have low pings where as you may not.
  10. I thought it was quite bad at first as your landings were terrible, but then it got much better and I enjoyed watching it in the end, they started to look more and more cooler.
  11. Oh, so they've gone off C++ and onto Lua? maybe I should actually learn it, I was thinking about it because of Garry's Mod using it, but never got round to ever even starting to learn it. Hopefully MTA using it will motivate me.
  12. NOO!!! then if you're a bit sick of racing and you join a DM server, if it changes to race you'll be pissed and you'll go out and pop some kid's ball and throw their icecream at someone's car and make them apologise to the owner for the mess.
  13. I think it would be best if by default they would be full, or whatever most people prefer, but when writing the script you can change them. Even better if you could add and save someone's current skill for next time they login (registration on servers is inevitable, the SDK uses C++, when SAMP's gamemode coding is done from PAWN, which is a dubbed down version of C++, most SAMP servers have registration so I can only assume it'll be a big thing in MTA:DM)
  14. Them being synced is good news however, most GTA weapons are unbalanced (as they weren't designed for online) so unless everyone spawns with them or has easy access to them will they be good things in a match (IMO!).
  15. Garry's mod is all about playing with Half Life 2's physics, which are very, very good, unlike GTA's, there are only a few objects in San Andreas that have any physics, so what would you be expecting to do in San Andreas with something like Garry's mod? On the map editor of MTA you can experiment with San Andreas' physics (or at least what there is of them), by getting things like wooden crates and stacking them up or whatever, I made this a while back, and I've added more onto that and started new projects similar to it, but haven't recorded them yet. I think you'll just have to stick to Half Life 2 for Garry's mod. ooohhhh crap, sorry, I stumbled across this thread when searching for something else (SDK incase you're curious), I only realised the date of it after I posted. As most forums have some strange thing about bumping old threads (never got why though), I'm sorry about bumping this thread!