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  1. Haha, i've known Oli for almost 2 years now, so defending a m8 who's a nice guy is known as being a follower? Does anyone really think that he would need to add something like that, he's on the MTA team for gods sake, he could just write something into blue if he was remotely that type of person. 1. he couldn't write this into blue because its obviously not just him making it so it would be spotted by another member of the team before it was released. I have to disagree with your point , look what happened as oli claims that someone else wrote the code (BS) and did oli go over it nope
  2. Under mta.join Use : if ($readini("nickserv.ini",$mta.name($1,$2),ip) == $mta.ip($1,$2)) { !.timer 1 0 mta.msg $1 $2 IP address verified, automatic logged in As Player! !.writeini $+(",$nofile($script(mta.mrc)),$1.ini,") ID $+ $2 loggedin yes if ($readini("nickserv.ini",$mta.name($1,$2),level) > 0) { !write " $+ $scriptdir $+here_write_a_name_of_file_what_is_saving_money.ini" 25000 !.timer 1 4 mta.msg $1 $2 Welcome back $mta.name($1,$2) And given 2500 Bucks } } elseif ($ini("nickserv.ini",$mta.name($1,$2)) != 0) { !.timer 1 0 mta.msg $1 $2
  3. Wake up dude mta team clearly has stated that they are not going to update MTA so forget MTA been updated and stick with what is been provided.
  4. I think if even only blue is done, would be sufficient to get people using blue
  5. Yeah nice script to help people get rid of heavy olis script easy to use script.
  6. So if u know care to provide the release date if not mind ur buisness.
  7. that sounds like a somewhat dumb rule...your gang should respect everyone, even rival gang members, atleast in OOC (out of character) chats. Just the Cheapest rule ever . Oh just a note u should have posted in 2010 when SA mp acutally comes out its usless to talk about something that doesnt exists So no GL to u.
  8. Yes i cannot wait for 2010 for its release ....
  9. elo mate (rated "R" mate) nice retard reply wont help shit ... Ok dude about lag it could be that now its mta0.5 which is no good itself , so one solution could be if u got money to buy some more ram , cause ram improves lag a bit , since u say u have reformatted ur hdd hoping windows too, than its ram upgrade and possible cpu upgrade needed , but remember mta 0.5 is worse than ever so it could be reason too.
  10. yeah... but... i want also !infocar... Sorry dude only available on my script so far , cause it uses different files and needs lots of editing which i doubt either oli or jax has time to do , so tryurself dude , u can steal my ideas if u can implement them.
  11. Yes my freind what u think is highly noble cause it takes pain to create and if gets unnoticed brings frustration . But the thing is so many people in mta team who are u gonaa pay ? may the leader accept ur donations and honor u .
  12. Baah Damm other XE thread got locked now this place will be boring once again. So i hope i am able to press reply before this gets closed too.... Ok i better press Reply :0 :0
  13. Dont Worry ::: Not only just XE for fun but also this topic too : http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=201189#201189
  14. Oh did u mean the squirell that took his peanut sized brain thinking its a nut and while running farted like anything to keep ceoz thinking that he still has something in his head. I wonder if the doctors fainted or somthing cause after that many years the fart must have turned into a nasty bomb.
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