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  1. Oh maybe cause he is a kid and mta doesnt want to make him cry like a baby after banning him or something ?? Oh LS shutdown so why thread still open ? use your real name ReSeT eRM Ceoz im not Omg... Omg: i broke my arm
  2. Yeh i play undercover i pown them and got banned for hax
  3. yeh.. i went there and got kicked before i even went ingame
  4. liek wtf girl i dont get your point, express yaself more clearly. if you say that pcp is a hax-clan, then stfu&gtfo n00b pauser! meh, i didnt.. SGB banned PCP for hax on SGB server.. you got banned for hax too
  5. in first release u cant walk on foot only use vehicles. maybe later on in mtasa
  6. yoyomen thing: Teleport from inside mansion = no textures, but he seems to drive perfect
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