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  1. -My server have an average of 50 players, (right now with 60 online) and thats because we dont update it majorly for some time because before it was hiting 80+ players. -Gta multi is a big "company" mostly because of my help, you see that control panel they have ? 90% of that is full of ideas of mine. -Your post dont makes mostly any cense. -You are wasting my time. -You are problably an friend from gijs. Enough said.
  2. Well we didn't do this. That is some kind of lie wich was made up by Rui, the owner of MM. He stole 1200$ from one of Gta-multi's projects. After we have found out about that, we have investigated further and noticed it really was him. Because of that he was kicked out and his server was suspended. Note that we did NOT compromise any of passwords from users of MM.Me (Rui), the owner of MM, didnt steal 1200dollars from him, im going to explain everything so there isnt any lies behind the story or any hiden facts. I have been hosting my MM server with gta multi for some time, i even infact helped allot the company to succeed, if it is successfull right now, then 80% of it was because of my ideas and effort to help him. Even after that i never asked him for money , even thought i have been helping him for almost 2 years. So , as good scripter that the owner of gta multi is, i had one day an excellent idea of opening site based on traffic exchanging related to youtube views, i knew that this is what most youtube partners are looking for basicly. I had the entire idea writing on a notepad, the whole site, how it works, accounting, security ideas, EVERYTHING was "designed" (the ideas) by me, the site is http://www.yt-box.com btw, gijs (the owner of gtamulti) was the scripter, the site where runing for something like 2months when suddently we started to notice allot fo bugs and exploits that the users where doing, i have warned tons and tons of times: "Gijs, fix the damn site, and add the shop on it, we are losing right now tons of money", 4 months passed, still not any change at all on the site,i was in need of money realy quick (wich is why i had this excellent site idea) so i decided myself open a gig on fiverr.com (a site where you can sell any services and people pay you 5 dollars for it) , the gig was mainly to sell youtube views, so , as yt-box was mine idea, and since the scripter didnt wanted to monetize it opening a shop on the site (where people could buy views and we get some money from it) i decided to open that gig, 2 months later,(already almost 5/6 months total without any progress) i told him that i was runing the gig on fiverr , and that because of hes lazyness he was losing money and that i have done around 800 dollars on it, so, if i where realy stealing, i wouldnt be that stupid to teel him that i was runing a gig about youtube views , even thought i used the site wich belong to both, i didnt feel the right to give him 50% of the money as he didnt even keep the site working correctly and most of the views even didnt come from the site itself and from other methods i used,(also to run a gig on fiverr, it requires allot of work dealing with unsatisfied costumers) even after that i was offering him 80 euros around to fix the damn site, and open the damn shop, on the past he kicked me ((yea unbeliveble, he kicked me from my own idea, and stole the project) from the project, for some stupid discussions , i came back, did this gig thing, and he kicked me back again , and still uses my website idea (the agreed on the beging was, if someone quits, both quit), so basicly he still using the site, and im aware that he is going to upate it soon to earn the triple of the money that i won with it. Now teelme who is "stealing". So, he stole my site, im not stupid, i used my knowlegde (because he dont understand nothing about how youtube alogaritms work) and made my own site, wich tops the old one 3+ times,i got my own dedicated server, moved mini-missions to there, i opened also my new site on the new dedicated i got, and somehow he(gijs) discovered the site, he got mad (problably because i got a site 3 times better and bug free in some days after he kicked me),he acessed the mini-missions database, used my personal password, and toke down the #mini-missions irc channel, i opened another irc channel called #mm, on the next day , he acessed on irc using my nickname "djlobo" and used again my password to drop the #mm channel down and register on hes own, i had to change all of my passwords, msn, forums, site, ftps ... etc... and made my 50+ admins change their own so he couldnt do this again. Even if he had all the reason of the world , and even if was wrong about the fiverr thing he didnt had the right to steal my passwords and hack my server. Now its your time to judge based on this facts, these are the real ones, i made sure to state everything that happened in here. PS: even after what he did about the password stealing and hacking stuffs, i decided to dont do this thread, as i dont like to damage other peoples image, but since he decided to damage my image acusing me of stealing i decided to open this thread explaining eveything.
  3. djlobo

    Server list spam

    http://www.game-monitor.com/mta_GameSer ... SIONS.html This server is runing an loby script and is using our Server Name on their title (mini-missions) to mislead players to connect on their server.
  4. Hope you guys like it, btw the speedo its actualy from Mta comunity , i animated it on after effects.
  5. the first 3 objects on selection are very similar to minecraft, congrats, if you can make they fit each other *(when you place them to build stuff) they you can pretty much start doing "minecraft worlds" ehehe
  6. very good script, but i imagine that this can be annoying for the spectator if the player is driving an boat or an plane. but in this case is not your fault, is how gta sa works (tiny cockpits)
  7. djlobo

    Server list spam

    ccw, recently i found out a server wich is using our server name (mini-missions) to drive traffic to their servers. What can we do on this case? Their ip is: and their server name is: || Mini-Missions [for-all-mtasa.3dn.ru] || (They even copied the "||" to make it look extremely similar to our server name) (wich is || Mini-Missions [sitehere.com] ||)
  8. djlobo

    Server list spam

    Nice decision ccw!
  9. Ahahah ate que enfim temos uma seccao so para nos!
  10. Yea, let the ones who want to host the server do decide their max player count, althought that anyone who have a server with that amount of slots is just to be "seen" lol.
  11. maybe trying to do something to when the player starts mta get hes computer specs and if they are good load that special menu scene? (I dont even know if this is possible ofcourse)
  12. This is where Santa will sing day 25, live act @ Groove Street! Dont miss it.
  13. Mta monitor will have soon an position where it teels the highest playercount range and an graph showing it.
  14. And voted again, MTA Diserves all the support we can give to it. This is just a few seconds and can give in a future the exposure that mta diserves!
  15. this topic should be sended as "anoucement" to all registered players on forums. In this way problably "no one" will see it.
  16. i think it would be possible if you try to intregrate an php reader script so we can actualy add sites to this.
  17. 1.0.4 it is already 10x or more times better then SA-MP without any doubt, 1.1 will just give MTA a better exposure and will for sure "take down" the SA-MP player count, this actual features are problably the right step to make these players wake up and see that SA-MP is a ice age plataform.
  18. And also check what is possible if you have the right knowledge on scripting using Mta Monitor: This is using a query list from mta monitor on our website to show the online players: http://www.mini-missions.org/playersonline.php (This query will be public for all other servers soon, at this moment still on betta testing.)
  19. This is very creative O_o will you ever share the source with us?
  20. djlobo

    Join Server Via Web?

    Its usefull but it can be considered an mini tutorial for very very very very very newbie persons.
  21. Map texture colours are way very confuse. Appart of that good work.
  22. 80% of people on my server also spanish people play with 800x600 also they use windowed mode ( to gain fps ) but that last part doesnt matter.
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