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  1. its gotta be an error.... and neither do I....
  2. mikey, you make me chuckle!! (again) dont you have stuff to do on irc.gtanet.com ??? oh thats right, its pretty much dead! If you like, i could log in so you could ban me again ??? if ur board... I thought i got band from this forum, but now, for some reason, im not... Dont really care because I only give sh*t to kenny on this forum - and mike now.... Banned for sure now!!!!!
  3. what clan? its just me - 1 punk - and some guys who test my sh*t who have CKY in there nic. its not clan. Although, i do do enough damage to be classed as a clan. So you mean CKY.PauLy, CKY.Kie, CKY.Kris, CKY.RABB (Thats you) isn't a clan? Waffling? I have a point better than yours, and yet you blame me. Sigh. Don't double post btw, and im getting out of this topic. yeh, there my beta testers... they dont write hax, just testem... we are not a clan u n00b...
  4. I agree, stop waffling kenny.
  5. what clan? its just me - 1 punk - and some guys who test my sh*t who have CKY in there nic. its not clan. Although, i do do enough damage to be classed as a clan.
  6. I'll let you in on a little secret... I was using a modded RPGAdmin to spam people... but little did i know that there was a worm within the code that could be actived while i was online with it. I got hit by the worm - every dll that came from DRuG and the like has this worm... Nortons went spastic... "Bloodhound.Adrenaline Worm" or some shit like that it was called, which is an unknown type! Very well done!! lol I got owned..... for now. SO, i'm not spamming anymore, but i am spending a bit of time watching how VC-MP does it packet handling - once ive worked it out - i'll be post the result
  7. 100% TRUE! If you wanna see, just log onto gamearena as USA.Huffy and he will slaughter you!!! (if hes on)
  8. It's a rock actually..... Yeh, i no - but emp is funny and hes mate kenny posts here and I might be able to get him back here for you, i know you miss him. k?
  9. k... do u live under a bridge ??? Hey EMP - post the chat logs from #vc-mp-server plz...
  10. Avatars are disabled dumbass meaning: an "avatar" is an icon or representation of a user in a shared virtual reality sorry, i assumed, hes shit, that pics shit... same thing, DUMBASS... ------ On a lighter note.... Got band from irc.gtanet.com - again.... LOL Empfys was there - VCMP is like a deserted town anywayz....
  11. That is possibly the worst idea I've ever heard. And your avatar IS the worst ive ever seen...
  12. Im a clown & sh*t stirer - and never get offended! Even when emp has a good dig at me -lol- and when he calls me gay rofl.... My thoughts... plz try an understand where im comming from.... You enjoy playing vc/mta/vcmp! - me ? its a bit borrrrring so i mod it so i can get some enjoyment out of it. To me, flying around in boats in VC-MP is much more fun than being followed around by someone in a heli, killing you every 2 seconds cause you got just a pistol and they got heli cannon's. I reckon MTA should be unlim health & weapons - but if the heli gets you - you die, or if you hit th
  13. you got a point there..... just let ur hair grow and no-one will notice...
  14. still lmfao... it's like this - there are 5 servers in oz. 4 that r over admin'ed and 1 that has NO admin. I only hand on the non admin one with 5 other modders (cause im band from all the others obviously). Every once in a while, empfy or kenny or dagay come in and give me a serve. I spam them to shut them up. They log it to give to whoever. They call it evidence. I pick another onion routed ip and off i go. I just laugh (mfao). =BDC= - ITS ONLY A GAME - CHILL OUT - thats y i laugh I mod coz VC and SA in normal mode is boring. I've given up on vc anyway and have started modding SA - its
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