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  1. il go back to /sleeper mode until the release
  2. there must be millions of GTA:SA pc players out there, the team and the members need to find a way to show mta:sa to as most people as they can
  3. just run it during the night, while your at school/work, etc
  4. Yea...ofcourse, obviously as we all know mta:sa isn't coming before 2010, and its going to suck, and there aint even anyone working on it.... [endsarcasm]
  5. one more question i have, do you have to place stuff over the default sa map or can you start a map from scratch? (just a big empty space to place stuff)
  6. i know there's a mod for that, i just dont remember its name, try searching http://www.gtagarage.com (or .net?) and http://www.gtagaming.com, i know there's a mod for it
  7. ^ and a big bloody mess to clean after that
  8. well, i cant say anything about american game press, but i know a guy that works on a popular portuguese game magazine, and theres a big chance they talk about mta:sa in the online section
  9. i think it would be cool if MTA had a built-in universal clock, that didnt run based on real life clocks, but on its own, i think it would be cool to organize gang wars and such, and instead of having to check everybody's time zone you could just say osmething like "ok meet here at 14:30 MTA" edit : and if servers could read the time from mta, it would be cool to have the time displayed in-game. just an idea i had
  10. if you pay attention to what you right you can see that it shouldnt be long for the first release (atleast a beta).
  11. that sounds like a somewhat dumb rule...your gang should respect everyone, even rival gang members, atleast in OOC (out of character) chats.
  12. my CJ super-model PIMP!
  13. well, first of all im not sure if this topic is in the right place. secondly, i was somewhat bored so i decided to make an mta:blue wallpaper. enjoy http://img238.imageshack.us/img238/2207/mtabluewallpaper2gu.jpg PS: if it looks too small in Imageshack just click the image.Right click and "Save-as" to your computer.
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