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  1. amm so maybe are some programs who can open program code in c++ ?
  2. but when i opened mta.(i dont rimember good the name of the file ) with notepad the languge was not like c++ why ?
  3. noo you dont undarstand what PROGRAMING language was write mta? and how mta creators made the fings diferent when in real single game
  4. Hello im curious what program language write mta ? how you do things to change in the game plkz antswer me Sorry for my English
  5. Profs

    What is mta:ma?

    What is mta ma and how to install it and how play with it ? p.s. where can iget it?
  6. amm... I will try to explayn so mta creators cat put in program auto updater so from something server we can download mta updates and we will can play ant they work now you understud ? sorry for my English again
  7. Profs


    Hey in MTA:SA players can upgrabe skills like single player? no? if no you can do that it will be fun
  8. nonsense you crazy? this bullet mod will be nonsense it will be hard to kill enemy so im not AGREE with this stupid mod
  9. I wondering when you releas mta:sa ? can you tell the date ? or maybe you can create in mta program auto update so you can work ant we play . sorry for my English
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