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  1. yes cuz nobady answer me..only LEARN.LEARN...shit I'm too busy and I don't have right time idiot!!!
  2. can someone tell me why if I kill a player my bounty grow up but I can't get cash..I mean money after killed him? In this oli rpg script...I think that there is a bug cuz it says me -[17:43] ** Admin PM send: Gained > !writeini -n "E:\giochi\mIRC\1.ini" ID1- Bounty: $1000 and I can't see the error inside sccript cuz I don't know the mirc script..if anyone can help me thankx
  3. damn I can't write a single command with mirc script language so I want to make an rpg but I don't know all commands..all strings..all variables
  4. cool..thankx for this script..but why didn't you put rpg command inside it? you would put them...you will be like a good scripter:P
  5. or I need to know how get money with the rpg oil relase..I can't get money in all ways!!!
  6. I want only 1 rpg..I don't want the best rpg in the web!!!!
  7. fucking skript..I need only a fucking rpg...I don't want the best..only 1 rpg that work right!!!
  8. I downloaded this RPG skript but I found a big bug..when you want purchase a place like airport or other palces in VC it sells you it for 1 dollar and then if you type !places to see who own the place where you are it says NO OWNER..so can somebody tell me where I can download SB RPG clan that work right? plz help me
  9. so where can I download a simple RPG script that work right? I can't modify the script cuz I don't know mirc language so I want only get RPG script and run it in my server, plz help me
  10. My latest rpg doesn't work right cuz if I want to sell ca ra in Sunshine autos it says always me YOU DON'T OWN CAR..so how can I get money from this RPG? if I kill anyone I cant take money and I can't sell car..and many times script says a CRC error and it will close itself plz help me
  11. I have a proble..when I installed for the first time RPg 4.2 the last version, when I'm in a car and I want to sell it at sunshine autos when I'm there and I type !sell skirpt says me YOU DON?T KNOW CAR, so if I want to sell it I need to buy it and then Sell it at sunshine autos...the proble is that I can't take mony in no way cuz If i kill somebody it says me Bounty 2000$ but no cash I have got then there isn't a job like scooby'srpg adn then I can't sell a car if I didn't buy it before sold:( help me
  12. So what can I do for fix my fucking selling problem??
  13. plz help me I have got this rpg script: nfo: Clan-RPG (by Jax n Oli) Loaded Multi Theft Auto mIRC Admin - General Release Script v4.12 by Oli and If I go to sunshine autos to sell a car and I type !sell it says me.."you don't own this veicheles" but noone own it!!! Second quetion is how Can I do money with that script? 3)Is there a new version about it??(like UVA server)
  14. Yo BROs, I have big problem,I'm in a Lan and I want to make a server on internet, but I use a remote computer Gateway to connect myself on internet,it has got modem to connect lan in internet, so I tried to create a server on internet and post its Ip on ASE(all seeing eyes)but when in my lan i'm a remote client of my gateway I can't see that server and other people too, but If I connect modem to my computer,and I become gateway of my internet Lan I can see my server on ase and people can join there,why this fucking problem? Can I bypass it by using a router in my Internet Lan? answer me plz
  15. Bro sorry...but it says me the same...
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