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  1. There are all maps I have. Mostly my maps and other public maps I had. Arent your maps public? Its collection of maps, "packs", not an usual advertisement sharing. For all.
  2. Finally I found a password of my old account. Looks like our question will remain to be ignored..
  3. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    I heard that some imbecile ([Co1F]EDOS) is trading these free-download GMC maps for scripts. I also saw how this idiot is sharing or trading the resources from community with changed original author to himself. Be careful, in MTA there are a lot of deceivers (especially the ones who call themselves as "scripters"). P.S. you can download the same archive from there: http://www.gmc-game.com/downloads.html
  4. 1. |GMC| - Game Masters Club 2. Founded 11.09.2009 3. Chief - |R|U|B|I|K| 4. www.gmc-game.com 5. The Legends are back! Public Servers: Hard Cross & Mixed Party
  5. Zaya-Z

    Biernot's maps

    I continued to make about 30 maps in old editor when mta 1.0 was existing already 2 years. I even converted sent to me mta1.0 maps to mta1.1.2(old) for editing the bugs. But there was one good reason - first versions of new editor were very bugged. Nowadays new Editor is much better and more convinient than old one. I worked in old editor ~ 2-3 years, and I can compare, map creating in new one is really faster and easy, especially nice is F3-button and fast-slow moving.
  6. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    The link is updated, uploaded to Mediafire. Maps pack is a little bit updated too.
  7. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    I will do it a bit later, okey? Thanks for notice, I rarely use upload-sites.
  8. Zaya-Z

    CS1.6 maps pack

    Good job. But to be honest, its crazy.
  9. Good ideas on start, then going long and boring nothing new.
  10. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    offtop: www.gmc-game.com is restored
  11. Where can I download previous .tar.gz archive? The DD server is hardly lagging.
  12. Ppl said that 1.2 server is lagging.
  13. As always... And keep moving bugs tagget as immediate to next versions, patetic... What next? Move they to 1.2.2 then 1.2.3? Agree with LoooP MTA lost a lot of players with new versions. First 1.0 for 1.1 now 1.2 so quickly? Now all servers should move to 1.2 again, when 1.3 comes? Patetic It is 1-minute work to upgrade a server.
  14. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    There are no people who likes DD btw, DM is boring and noobish
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