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  1. There are all maps I have. Mostly my maps and other public maps I had. Arent your maps public? Its collection of maps, "packs", not an usual advertisement sharing. For all.
  2. Finally I found a password of my old account. Looks like our question will remain to be ignored..
  3. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    I heard that some imbecile ([Co1F]EDOS) is trading these free-download GMC maps for scripts. I also saw how this idiot is sharing or trading the resources from community with changed original author to himself. Be careful, in MTA there are a lot of deceivers (especially the ones who call themselves as "scripters"). P.S. you can download the same archive from there:
  4. 1. |GMC| - Game Masters Club 2. Founded 11.09.2009 3. Chief - |R|U|B|I|K| 4. 5. The Legends are back! Public Servers: Hard Cross & Mixed Party
  5. Zaya-Z

    Biernot's maps

    I continued to make about 30 maps in old editor when mta 1.0 was existing already 2 years. I even converted sent to me mta1.0 maps to mta1.1.2(old) for editing the bugs. But there was one good reason - first versions of new editor were very bugged. Nowadays new Editor is much better and more convinient than old one. I worked in old editor ~ 2-3 years, and I can compare, map creating in new one is really faster and easy, especially nice is F3-button and fast-slow moving.
  6. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    The link is updated, uploaded to Mediafire. Maps pack is a little bit updated too.
  7. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    I will do it a bit later, okey? Thanks for notice, I rarely use upload-sites.
  8. Zaya-Z

    CS1.6 maps pack

    Good job. But to be honest, its crazy.
  9. Good ideas on start, then going long and boring nothing new.
  10. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    offtop: is restored
  11. Zaya-Z

    MTA:SA 1.2 Released!

    Where can I download previous .tar.gz archive? The DD server is hardly lagging.
  12. Zaya-Z

    MTA:SA 1.2 Released!

    Ppl said that 1.2 server is lagging.
  13. Zaya-Z

    MTA:SA 1.2 Released!

    As always... And keep moving bugs tagget as immediate to next versions, patetic... What next? Move they to 1.2.2 then 1.2.3? Agree with LoooP MTA lost a lot of players with new versions. First 1.0 for 1.1 now 1.2 so quickly? Now all servers should move to 1.2 again, when 1.3 comes? Patetic It is 1-minute work to upgrade a server.
  14. Zaya-Z

    [DD] GMC Maps

    There are no people who likes DD btw, DM is boring and noobish