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  1. Is there anyone who could help me?
  2. Okay, well my idea was to make a sort of online login system using php. Because it should work with mysql, and I know how to use mysql with PHP. So is there any way I could do that?
  3. Hi, I have a question. Can I just use php within an html page on the webserver of an mta server? This is my meta.xml: <meta> <info name="test" author="Rutger" type="script" version="1.0" /> <include resource="ajax" /> <html src="test.html" http="true" /> </meta> And, test.html: <html> <body> <?php echo "test"; ?> </body> </html> This doesn't seem to work, also tried it with including the mta_sdk.php, but that didn't work either. I have also tried the example of the PHP SDK wiki
  4. Yeah okay, I already thought there was no function for this, though I didn't know for sure. Thanks for the help anyway .
  5. That doesn't work, because I said that the files all have a different name, and aren't just numbers.
  6. Yeah okay, but the problem is that if I have to import all the files in the meta.xml, it takes kinda long. 'Cause in this case, it's like 150 files. So I was wondering if there was some sort of function for this.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to find a random file from a folder. As example, I have 50 .xml files in a folder, and they all have different names. Is there a function to get the contents of a folder, like files at a certain index, so I could just load a file when I have a number? Like 1-50? I hope you guys understand this... Regards, Rutger Speksnijder.
  8. But will it work with other resolutions too then?
  9. Hi, I want to add something below money, something in GUI, but the problem is, I can't get the coordinates right for every resolution. Is there any calculation for it? It needs to be just below the money. Thanks in advance.
  10. Do you want it to be possible to download the map, or view it?
  11. milkshake333

    Skin bug.

    I don't mean that some dude from MTA HAS to know how to avoid, just asking IF someone does. It would help a lot .
  12. milkshake333

    Skin bug.

    But still, is there any way to avoid this?
  13. milkshake333

    Skin bug.

    Still it's weird only some people have it..
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