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  1. my earlier days with gta :) any suggestions? oh yea plot the whole planet earth satellite view, start with some cities, players have to fly to the city with feeling real cheers
  2. wow this forum lives. I joined here maybe in 2004 and now after 12 years i am also posting, finding it crowded and living. i remember those days when we were fighting for a co-op game. i remember we just had vice city and then san andreas just released then blue core comes. ahh getting nostalgic! wishing you all the best team! love you.
  3. yep mati, nice to see you here too... we are all friends forever ! in th future , as we getting more civilised but the to keep the taste of war and defeating, we (human) will all migrate our present war against nations to fighting virtually and which will oneday determines who will become in power, overpower. the war will be virtually and result too. there will be no bloodshed and we will turn the way of war to a enjoyable, charming way. its though now at very initial stage but i have this vision now that one day we will be doing this...
  4. thank you all for accepting me as a friend many things changed and improved a lot! its really fun in multiplayer. since mtasa started i hardly played any single player games. mostly played multiplayer. because its real. very good thing done to our civilisation.
  5. its me for whom this multiplayer started !
  6. I was so kid when i first joined this forum in 2005. was so immature. feeling very good to see this forum is still here ... i salute you all. by the way, i often played in mtasa servers . you guys doing really good. my dreams became true. thank you all regards asif chittagong bangladesh
  7. totally understood! (i only know where is the power button of my pc) thanks ! for your reply nazca, hope my team mta geniuses got your point... and i think i better learn how to model , render etc. atleast to understand your message, lol.
  8. yes its true that whenever an idea pop out in my head i like to say it... whether its possible or not.. and in a forum where thousands of people visiting and discussing is the right place to know why some ideas not perfect and how!
  9. friends, in the gameplay (san andreas) at one moment i was hiding at a distant area from los santos to avoid police and i remember about playing some race type missions. at the beginning of the game it shows that i just arrived at a airport terminal after releasing my baggage i go for a taxi cab and then story shows about police harassing etc... both situation above can be more realistic by adding real USA/UK satellite image/textures or the whole earth map so carl can really go to airport and fly to middle east to escape from police and the player really have to go through the landscape of earth by aeroplane/jets or hijacked aeroplane ... the character in the game woozi is a chineese character and he can also supply chineese missions too. so like this every culture and society of earth will be added in one game. all the players of different countries are playing in a huge earth map with their known places and buildings. now the problem is google earth 3d textures of the earth is a matter of about several tera bytes of graphical data. if such a huge data is to handle means a life time job for a team. but if our world builder can give support so millions of users can update their own places by theirselves and they will upload to a single database which will be centrally hosted by mta or other company directed by mta. so this way the gta world will grow to a perfect world day by day. now about the game loading time... when CJ in USA, he doesnt need to load maps for BANGLADESH. CJ just need to get his surroundings. i think its not too tough and also theres no need to be hurry. we just found the idea about this and lets see and hope in the future it will happen! and lastly sorry for my long post.
  10. hey team! what about getting textures from google earth and then add it beside las venturas or san fierro then according to landscape, trees buildings and hills rivers i want to add in the game. in short i like to say that i like to add the whole earth or my country or my city atleast. is it possible? think about it guyz u got brains regards
  11. forgive me ransom i've unfairly misvalued your flying skill... the map "ransoms ace flight" which you completed in 2:24 mins is extremely tough atleast for me, hope i ever finish that race and hope u ever forgive me ransom sorry for my stupid posts...
  12. only if its played in the official mtasa DM server, then yes its pretty acceptable cause time synch this time counts in the official server, so if a slow motion pc is connected he must not flying cool. just wait for the release of the mtasa DM with official anti cheat enabled server.
  13. =========================================== no! if u set your graphics/video visual details to maximum with no frame limits and resolution to 1024 x 728 with 32 bit colour depth, all average pc's will give you a slow motion gameplay without using cheats or trainers. and that advantages your flying. you may be playing the game for 20 mins time, slowly and after finishes the race you should see the in game clock showing only 2 mins+... its really possible... ok let me fly the same race(flight path) that ransom did, with my hydra flipped vertically... lol regards maverick (TOPGUN)
  14. =============================================== hello friends, i just downloaded the zip file(ransons ace flight) from that url and i thought it will be something like a software/map which will test my flying considering the ration between graphics quality setttings and pc hardware performence. but its just a video file that shows somebody is flying a hydra. listen if u set your graphics settings with everything in the highest level, then every frame in the game slows down and practically you will get enough time to control your flying smoothly. so the question is where this flying held?...which pc? whats the pc hardware specifications and whats the game video settings.... a testing authority should be there present and some visitors too..where it happened and finally which console is used here? (i only use my regular keyboard).. anyways cool flying ransom