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  1. Well lets not get off on any wrong feet...
  2. Different languages serve different purposes - C++ is the bridging point... 1 ex - OpenGL is C++ with OpenGL Ref-Code I found a good ref has been "JDoom" Source look it up...
  3. Yes you are cool. Here, have a virtual cookie...
  4. http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=rcam a little fill in...
  5. MkII

    im puzzled.......

    I like that guy... too..
  6. MkII

    im puzzled.......

    I like that guy...
  7. MkII

    im puzzled.......

    1st There is a manual.. 2nd if u cant be f*** then read this Start GTA MTA go into the game till u see loading screen... ALT+Tab to go the the Multi Theft Auto Box type in ur Ip for the server u want to join to and ur nick and ur version and ur Connection Speed then Connect. Then Press "Send Game Request" go back into the game and there u go! If this doesnt make sense to u then find a tall buiding to jump off... Also this kind of post most likley has been posted b4
  8. And with that 'Bak' and 'MkII' were crushed by the mighty hands of 'xerox' along with thier meaningless replys and thrown into the void called the "sphincter of retribution"... "May God Have Mercy On Thier Damned Souls"
  9. Finaly 'Bak' has a very valid point that should keep both sides contempt for now...
  10. ok, I shall remove my testicles and store them under the sink along with my undying hatred for the human race
  11. I just noticed xerox in anutha post, I was not bitching. I wuz making an "unclear" point that these things take time so tuff-tity to those who bitch.
  12. its only been a few months... U2 Coop has taken long time too!
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