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  1. search for liviu's "first strike" that's he's first stunt movie....and see the diferences
  2. come on man you called that a stunt movie ?) guess you never saw a real gta stunt movie ....lip trick ojn the rail that's hilarious ....even if it was a stunt i made it before you ....and the falling ..i guess half of the movie included falling ...lame...really
  3. great discovery man....it says at the ending of the movie....have you seen it ? or are you playing smart ?
  4. man you blind or womething ..it'a red nrg....go buy yourself some glasses
  5. yeay ...it sucked...what did you do in that movie thayt could get atention ?
  6. longest wheelie time: 195 seconds distance: 32099ft
  7. my second movie at san andreas....hope you like it .... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VJZVIK7D
  8. man...from the begining of the movie i new it would be great ! the stunt that involved the packer...the nrg_500 and the little island in san fierro was AMAZING. one question how many hours did you spend to do that stunt ? i spend over 1 hour ...and lots and lots of fists in the wall
  9. http://www.filehost.ro/1377/san_andreas_movie_wmv/
  10. took me alittle while to make the stunts ....is was in a hurry when i made the movie cuz i was at a friend....hope you like it
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