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  1. Solid


    Im sure w/ SA people will be looking more for drivebys as far as passengers go. What they need is full aiming for everyone but the driver.
  2. Or just ask me... Im seeing a 86.825% done. Oh and Frank your coffee is ready. John if you drive to work you will get rear ended. (I was raised by gnomish fortune telling gypsys) EDIT: And I smoke pot. ALOT of pot...
  3. Wow, 5 months from now I may "hack" the game and bring something up to the media if it will get them to release a patch... I mean, its not like thet could get hit w/ an M rating twice. heh.
  4. If your playing a PC game, you really have to learn how to use wasd+mouse controls. Theres no way around it. I for one, like using my mouse and think of it as freedom to aim unlike the slugish PS2 controls. If you tried to use a gamepad for any big shooter game like CoD or CS, do you think you would last long against another player w/ smoother aiming control? So just be glad the AI is dumb and this single player is so easy.
  5. wow... #include int main() { cout<<"The compiler works"; cin.get(); return 0; } lol j/k, thnx again JonChappell for the links to learn C++, you guys have kinda sparked my interest in this stuff. (Im such a n00b )
  6. well yeah, that would be a must, the AI from the game is kinda dumb, It would get old fast w/o a human player on the other end.
  7. First comes first, before ideas can be tossed around, a grp of people need to be together willing to make it. So organize a grp of modders that are willing to spend their time to produce a mod using blue. Then think about how it will be done. But one thing is for sure. There are plenty of people wanting an RPG mod. So its up to someone to give it to em. I can offer my services some how... but yeah.
  8. who says we arn't? I want to be the best n00b ever! I'd even kill yous guyes mothers to claim this title. EDIT: but really, theres no way to compare a mod kit to a mod. Wait tell mta team comes out w/ their final mod using the blue core, THEN compare & compete. (but then again I dont no sh!t about modding...
  9. So what you are talking about is, not a game w/ rounds and matches but an on going world. Anyhow, I can see it happening if there was only like 1 or 2 servers so the amount of people at any given moment would be larg, but your right about us needing alot of people wanting this to happen. But the truth is, alot of people do want this to happen. All this talk about an RPG mod from alot of players. When blue is released, every player/ modder that wants this to happen need to put heads together. Im no modder, so what Im saying is, someone needs to step forward and start a grp devoted to an RP
  10. god that seems so cool. Writing something yourself and then watching it come to life, bugs or not. I wanna learn how to mod and then write something, even if its sloppy I'd love it like a mother loves her ugly ass child. Could yall link a few sites that will teach me basic C++ from scratch?
  11. I like this idea, but think it is to passive for PvP combat. Now see, if you had it where the main over all "objective" is world... er map domination I think this mod would have a chance of being big. Hear me out: The three gangs are in each city like you said. (Great idea btw) Somewhere in each city is the main home base for each gang. Those little side quest you were talking about, like robbing banks and stuff would be done to improve your gang. Like robbing the bank would increase the cash spawn that your gang leader (picked at start of game) can spend to upgrade the home base defenses and
  12. sweet, guess I'll try this whole code thing. Thnx ChrML.
  13. Solid


    You would think that wouldn't you, but when you play battlefiled 2 and your trying to avoid the jet on your 6, whitch goes smoothly at first, untill you begin to hear that constant humming, you just know some slappy below has jumped on a sam site and locked you. Then you pray your flares can trick both the jet and the sam's missles... but yeah... "cool".
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