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  1. Null System Works offers this gamemode for free: https://github.com/NullSystemWorks/mtadayz Enjoy!
  2. Project: MTA:Battlegrounds [MTA:BG]

    I failed the test, but i'm part of the team... uh oh
  3. [OFFERING] Experienced Scripter [Paid]

    Had baseplate work with some of my projects in the past. A very well developer that I tend to call back on future projects. Recommended
  4. [REL] Resource Compiler

    Is this with my compiler or IIYAMAs?
  5. Disconnected !

    Reinstall GTA SA
  6. Disconnected !

    Reinstall the game. problem solved.
  7. [REL] Resource Compiler

    Well, Clippy is already present in our project: Sooo, anything's possible in this project haha
  8. [REL] Resource Compiler

    It's actually Dutch It's based on one of the old old DM servers back in DP2 days which me and my other project manager DLmass adored. We're now re-introducing that into the MTA community as a public closed-source gamemode
  9. 'nil' = no data or space used, right?

    Oh wait, my bad... removeAccountData is a "useful function" lmao. I honestly haven't touched account functions in years as I create a custom account system with (My)SQL
  10. lua

    @Anubhav by the term "learning", I meant the terms of what the function does
  11. [REL] Resource Compiler

    The resource was coded from scratch, as it was a tool we used to compile all of our client-side (and I think server side files) for our old project GTA:Life. On top of that, the resource was made a month before actually being released onto the MTA community. The reason for releasing: We decided to not continue the project due to the complexity and time required to get a playable version of the game mode ready in order for release.
  12. Add an export clientside to call the server, and then trigger the event to the client to fix this. Delaying it can still be unpredictable due to the download rate of the client
  13. 'nil' = no data or space used, right?

    removeAccountData also exists btw
  14. System Level / XP

    Any errors/warnings reported into debugscript?
  15. disable some guns

    addEventHandler ( 'onPlayerWeaponSwitch',root, function ( _,aMyWeapon ) local curWeapon = getPedWeapon(source) if isElementWithinColShape( source, zone1 ) and curWeapon == 38 then toggleControl( source,'fire',false ) outputChatBox ( "You Can not use This Weapon in this Event", source, 255, 100, 0,true ) else toggleControl( source,'fire',true ) end end ) Give this a try