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  1. /me cries like baby for gstats
  2. Gstats Is Offline But All People Want It Online Ok
  3. =NSA=RuGeR


    When Will It Be Back I Want To Have Best Rank .........
  4. Hi Can Someone Show A Vid Of A Doda Being Flew Plz ..
  5. Hehe, There Is Always Aguements After Matches...Can This Be Stopped It Is Only Spam...Well Done (RP)*...
  6. Who Is Leader, Ill Join
  7. Pfffffttttt, Pity =bTk=Sweet Glitches. Nobody Likes A Glitcher
  8. Ok First Thing I Never Knew U Where A Clan, why? Ur Server Is Called .:The Faction:. It Should Be :[TF] Public Clan Server: ect. To Let People Know Ur A Clan That All I Got Too Say btw. GooD LucK
  9. i went into that server before ({VCL} server) and there was cars all spawned all over the road and The admin Could Put u in water or bring u too him btw. Billy u will never change
  10. Here Is Updated List Of The Clan.. Leader =NSA=Sn[A]kE Co-Leader =NSA=ZiBiTzA Long-Range =NSA=NormaL (Long-Range Unit leader) =NSA=N[a]M =NSA=Deggial =NSA=Antoni =NSA=RuGeR =NSA=No0DLe =NSAj=bolle =NSAj=Liam Short-Range =NSA=Chiv3rs(Unit Leader) =NSA=Stuntz =NSA=KillER *KEY* =NSAr= - Rookie =NSAj= - Junior member/Under-13
  11. Heh, There Is No Way U Can Stop The Crashes MTA Is Made To Crash...
  12. /slap Z3RB1AN Pity Its Not A Download For The Pause Menu...
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