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  1. The rendering on the characters aint too good, looks abit dull aswell, other than that it seems ok.
  2. Duno i just robbed it and put it on my sig looks pretty cool imo
  3. Hows he craving leadership, no one else would be captian so he said he would. If u read abit in this thread u will see he posted "ill be captian if no one else will" and no one else come forward. PS -Take your tablets :@
  4. well i suppose he can be at times roffle i think ur both gud but capo is teh pwnage
  5. I'd play but i wouldnt like the role of captain. I played mta today for the first time since june and i enjoyed it, so i wouldnt mind playing in this tourney.
  6. Yeh it would be nice to see some english people willing to be involved, but seems like theres a lack of them, which is a shame cus we have some great players.
  7. JunX

    {KoQ} King of Queens

    There just old stats capo, Your both right in a way. KoQ never played us when we returned to MTA under new management (one leader left) I checked our stats from when we returned to when we became unactive in matches, here they are. 1. DNA vs SoL - 2 : 1 to DNA 12/05/05 2. DNA vs RP - 1 : 2 to RP 13/05/05 3. DNA vs KB - 2 : 1 to DNA 14/05/05 4. DNA vs KB - 2 : 1 to DNA 15/05/05 5. DNA vs AnK - 2 : 1 to DNA 16/05/05 6. DNA vs RP - 2 : 0 to DNA 16/05/05 7. DNA vs VCES - 2 : 0 to DNA 21/05/05 8. DNA vs RP - 2 : 0 to DNA 22/05/05 9. DNA vs VCES - 2 : 0 to DNA 23/05/05 10. DNA vs
  8. whoever is the captian of the english side, i wouldnt mind playing so if u need me just ask. If you dont know how gud i am just ask for a 1 vs 1 /me slaps my big head
  9. LMFAO lol namshot, GL with this clan and your next one.
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