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  1. Sorry, I can't help Just posting to tell you that you've posted in wrong forums
  2. Ok, I created a server, and i downloaded mirc and connected to my server with mIRC Admin v3.24. I connect, but it only stays connected for about 10 seconds. Here is what it says: Connecting to (My Ip is here...Confidential ):4003... (Normal) * Connected! * Game: GTA:VC | Mode: Deathmatch | Submode: | 1 / 21 * Disconnected: Timed out. I don't get it...I would appreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks
  3. Thx man, it worked Oh and Spitfire, since when am i a member of CKY????
  4. Since when do i use hax????
  5. WTF does that have to do with my problem?????
  6. I still haven't got it working =(
  7. Kenny, next time you post on the forums, try to make sense. Anyway, i believe we're getting to much off topic here.
  8. Ok, i have been playing MTA for quite some time now. But now whenever i play it says ' You are running a modified version of the MTA client. Please Reinstall. I have reinstalled MTA like 5 times now but the same error message comes up. Please help me!!! EDIT: I heard that it said something about my problem in Known Issues. But wtf, i looked in the 'known issues' thread and it doesn't mention anything about my problem.
  9. That wasn't me cheating. It was this god dude who stole my name.
  10. Strainer Usage? What does this mean? Everytime i try to connect to a server it says 'Suspected Strainer Usage' I tried what it said to do in Known Issues but it didn't work. I don't even know what a strainer is!! So can someone please tell me what a strainer is and help fix my problem, thx
  11. Is that the only thing i can do? =(
  12. I have the same problem, It always says 'Unknown Version', I think this is because i have downloaded the game. Is there any way of playing GTA3 online?
  13. Hi, whenever i attemp to play GTA3 it says it can't find a file. It tells me to reset game paths which doesn't do anything:-/ I have downloaded the game aswell. Plz help me!!!! Oh i live in Australia if that matters... Edit: I got a patch but when i copy it to my GTA3 Folder it says 'Unknown Version' What does this mean? Is there any way of fixing it???
  14. What do i do once i download that? I have saved it to my Vice City folder.
  15. Ok, i have downloaded MTA and GTA VC (Which i have on CD) but everytime i try to start a game it says' Invalid Executable' I know this is because i live in Australia and i know i have to Try to obtain a standard EXE. But how? How do i obtain a standard EXE? PLz someone help me!
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