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  1. rofl at killer ur a funny guy not dude i can give my script to anyone i dont need u to say its ok u say djmill is bad not giveing out he script ur way worse
  2. hey killer dose its say its your rpg script i said its like yours didnt says it was yours and yes it was jax cops and robbers script with painkillers marketing script added which u can get at http://mtascripts.mta-euleague.com/scripts.html
  3. im not the best of scritper but i beleve in shearing if someone can put it to good work please do
  4. that be cool if someone went over it and see what parts i went worng. and pass it on to the rest of us.
  5. Silent open up good rpg 3 with note pad and u will see a ip like just change it to ur ip whatever it is or ur nextwork ip of the comp ur useing
  6. VCES>Panther if i send it to u mabe u could upload it for everyone
  7. anyone want a rpg script just like that {sb} clan one even gots beers drugs and whores let me know and i send it to u
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