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    [News & Blog] Deathmatch in Alpha stage (By ChrML)

    So you're saying DM is almost done or they will let us know how close they are before release?
  2. InTheZoneAC

    Patching your 1.01 or 2.00 version of gta_sa.exe

    so if I go out right now and buy GTA SA I can use this downgrader and it'll work?
  3. InTheZoneAC

    Really dumb question, sorry

    If I get gta sa now will I be able to use MTA SA or no? Do I need a copy before they re-released it or does it not matter which version I have?
  4. InTheZoneAC

    [News & Blog] Deathmatch in Alpha stage (By ChrML)

    I'm definitely getting this. I played MTASA for probably 2 days and haven't played it since. With deathmatch I'll be on A LOT for a long time. Good to see things are going well for deathmatch.
  5. english fool. come to america
  6. InTheZoneAC

    If I mod vehicles.....

    are you sure? Because I was playing around today with some vehicle mods and the dirtbike was my Honda CRF450 and the NRG was my Suzuki. Maybe it's not supposed to work, but it does, well for me. In an earlier blog didn't they say we can play with our mods, but others will just see the default vehicles.
  7. InTheZoneAC

    If I mod vehicles.....

    will I be able to use/see them when I go on MTA SA?
  8. ^^^, In MTA VC I could do that, but how do I do it in SA?
  9. InTheZoneAC

    Question about Blue VC

    4kbps, how is it possible for you to even load up your internet broswer in less than 15 minutes?
  10. InTheZoneAC

    Question about Blue VC

    Blue for vice city would be really nice. Maybe the DM mod would be easier to make for VC than SA.
  11. InTheZoneAC

    The first realase?

    "Someone" said it ages ago. I must say no deathmatch is a dissappointment. Just have to wait and see then if they do come out with deathmatch mode later on. I don't want to roam around the gta world in just a car.
  12. InTheZoneAC

    The first realase?

    did someone just say we can't free roam on foot and that it's strictly vehicles?
  13. InTheZoneAC

    What is your first MTA Memory?

    starting up mta vc and seeing everyone skip on my screen, although my ping was in the 100's and people would never die when I ran them over and shot them multiple times. I do also remember intentionally driving into the water with passengers
  14. InTheZoneAC

    Good week for me, could possibly be a great one!!!

    you're telling me people who don't care for/know much about socom 3? If so people need to seriously try it out once it comes out tomorrow or wednesday for some.
  15. 1.My cowboys slaughtered the great eagles team 2.Socom 3 comes out in 24 hours This right here has made my week will probably be my best week of the year. If Blue came out sometime between now and Sunday it will be by far the best week of the last 2 years. Just thought I'd like to share something. I also saw those beta vids, that's so cool how you can just change your vehicle in seconds or even edit the maps