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  1. yea why wouldnt i have windows xp?
  2. Is there anything that i can record with thats free? Fraps brings my fps from 80+ to 10 even on 800x600 and all that stuff. OH and this vid will be for vc.
  3. Casket

    ATS No Limits

    i have already told samuri it on his post. But since i saw it again im cahnging it to a 7/10 very good. but most tricks ive already seen, and the boat jump someone else already did. But i likeed the wheelie grind and the bus flip.
  4. 9/10 very good video it ran a little slower than your last vids. and some stunts where just old. My fav tricks where the wheelie grind that must of been really since i cant even grind yet(only landed one) and the bus backflip was pretty cool too.
  5. downloading the first one, i can't download the second one thouhg. i think the link is broken.
  6. i can play half life 2 with ful settings and perfect fps. Its not my comp. it did it in the ps2 version too.
  7. hummm thats wierd. I do get problems too though. This is what i get -crashes -laggyness -cant get connected -It says im using a trainer -textures load slower than normally.
  8. This is just an idea, might go into blue if anyone likes it.. anyways. My idea is to be able to buy biuldings while playing blue, so like the big cheese would own all the city and have ppl working for him and they get 3 percent of the rent money(like from the mansion) and for stunt mode, there should be a console command or sometihng where it spawns a ramp of any size(so you would type 60 inches or something for tallness) around 1 foot in front of your guy, so then you can have ramps anywhere you want. But the ramp only stays there for 1 min tog ive u time to jump it then it goes awa
  9. well, since mta is still beta.... When blue comes out and it really smooth and all that with probably very few to no bugs. Will we have to pay? cuz that would suck, i mean we know you worked hard on mta.. But money would suck. cuz im broke
  10. yea it was mta thanks guys.
  11. also, none of the other keys work either. i tried joining another server. and it just happended too. it was perfect 5 min ago. Then my game crashed, and it wont work. i checked the game folder, and the key bindings are there t to talk F2 to do that blah blah blah
  12. i cant talk in game anymore?!?!? i press t and nothing happens.... i restart my comp vc and mta but still. I tried intslling the server patch, but it didnt work it says its server patch in the computer console thing but not when i start mta up.
  13. Casket


    How can i make movies w/o lag? i get over 60 fps or so normally, but when i use fraps i get 10 , 8ish Is there any other program i could use thats free and reduces lag? or do i need a better computer? heres my specs. 768 RAM p4 1.8 Radeon 9,600 PRO 128 mb i know its not the best. But its good enough to run vice city mazed with 2 second load times. (god i cant wait for blue!!!!!!!!)
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