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  1. hey this script is nice...I was just wondering is it possible to also shoot whilst being on vehicle. I noticed my weapons disappear when I enter the top of the vehicle. Anyone knows how to change this?
  2. I tried that last script and it seems to delete wrecks which is good, but doesnt respawn cars that are part of the map file. Anyone knows what's the deal?
  3. Yes good one, I would like to know also. I need this script very bad for my server. I guez it's a big secret...perhaps resource release on dp3. Let's hope
  4. it's true they already told you that system requirement for mta are slightly higher than sa singleplayer. That would partly explane it.Face the music.
  5. Thats not what i asked. i asked Will MTA DM allow the ability to turn the frame limiter off. as i allready know its locked on in MTA race. that's not what I answered. I said Of cource you can't turn if off. Is it just me or does that answer to your question: Will MTA DM allow the ability to turn the frame limiter off? They won't let you turn it off also they're afraid of lag which is logical. Someone playing@150fps vs someone with 40fps could possibly cause lag
  6. Of course you can't turn it off..mta won't mess with singleplayer settings
  7. a question of another nature (guez too lazy to make another topic and it seems rather useless anyway). Must we all have quad 2 cores pc's to run mta? Or are there people on QA with low system specs running it as well? I ask this, because with all these cool features I get this 'kind of vista feeling' if you know what I mean.
  8. you're full of it...go get some sleep
  9. The only release date they'll ever give will probably be in the sense of a countdown timer. I think you're right about it not being released at that specific date though. There are other indicators for that statement. Little things such as max players not defined yet may seem trivial but it gives an indication about the state of project. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. They may define max players @christmas 2008 it remains their choice. Same goes if they decide to cancel project. Their choice. Perhaps that wouldn't be great but hey we had a good time hanging around here. Some dreams should
  10. yes and tomorrow it's full of descriptions with not a single N/A among them...There have already been several periodes where changelog almost consisted totally out of "N/A" It doesn't tell you shit about a 'nearing' release. never hurts to keep on dreaming though
  11. dunno perhaps they know at the sa-mp forum
  12. f*ck off forget about it...it won't be christmas that's just to obvious to coincide
  13. Don't count on it... I hope a sophisticated anti-cheating security is not on your 'to do list'. People will eventually find a way through the security system and all effort put into it hasn't paid off. If people cheat it must be up to the admin whether he 'likes' it(ignore) or disapproves it (kick/ban)
  14. I agree on that. Things also look so nice with gadgets etc. Makes me wonder if it won't lag the hell out of an average computer/inet connection
  15. that map looks sweet . I can even tell judging by one screen:D
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