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  1. I logged in just to post here. I don't plan on forgetting about MTA: SA anytime soon.
  2. *Springs from his grave* 1. I don't believe anything has been changed, but I have been silent for a while, even though I visit a lot, so I may be wrong. *Digs back in*
  3. Selzi

    !brb command

    That's: "... an 'English for Dummies' booklet ..." Anyways, cool scripts!
  4. Sounds like it determines how long it stays afloat... Can't tell you exactly but in MOH: AA that meant that after it hits that number (in seconds) the projectile goes wild, basically going anywhere but where you want it to. Could probably mean it just stop and hits the ground
  5. Well, I'm guessing it's up to the admins of the server with what they want to do... Here is what I see as possible options... There is no mod controlling TK'ing. If FF is on it is up to the maturity of the players on the server (I know, haha) and the admins to enforce any server rules they have. There is no mod controlling TK'ing. FF is set off. This means that you can unload a clip on your own guy. Hopefully no bug of it going through your teammate will exist... Unless it's wanted. There is a mod controlling TK'ing. When someone shoots a teammate, the health that the 'receiver' would 'rece
  6. Wait... So I can play on a server that's shut down... And interact with people, talk with them, fly around with them, but the serevr is really shut down and right when I'm 'interacting' with them I get a ton of errors? Wow.. Ghost servers.
  7. Well, there could very well already be a team for all we know and they're just being secretive. I would think the first thing to do is to brainstorm. Since this is a forum... I'm working on a few projects right now and I work with like one or two other people, first we brainstorm what we need, then we learn/find people who know what we need. So if we can brainstorm here what should be able to be done, maybe just as basics, then we can find people who can get it done.
  8. Yea, that's what happened to me in more or less words. No matter what server I went on I always ended in a crash. Although flying the AT around Mt. Chiliad was fun! I think I'll wait for more progress to be made or mta...
  9. Well then, let's take the obvious path with this idea... As easy as black and white! Instead of there being NPCs there are teams. If it only exists in one building, then there should be enough players in the server to do this (if they wanted to). A building would be used, there would be two teams, one team would be the infiltrating team (so basically the first post doesn't change for that team) and the other team would be the defending team (they would replace any NPCs mentioned in the first post).
  10. I do a bit of mapping/scripting myself, and know a few languages. Not too much of visual c/c# and all but I could always try... And if I'm no use I could test/give advice. But, yea, the people who once populated this thread with ideas seem a little silent... First comes brainstorming ideas... Althought I don't think you should have to earn licenses. Just have limited supplies... Also if there are enough people, there should be multiple gangs in the three main cities.
  11. As ChrML said to me about NPCs... Could be possible I guess but I wouldn't expect it to happen anytime soon... What we'd need is a ton of people who want to do this and strive to make it happen. You don't want some guy going 110 in a sports car running up to your base and just shooting you. In the real world people don't do that... They plan out things, think ahead, spend days doing it, work out 'hits' on people and whack 'em. But without tons and tons of people where there would always be a balance (like if you have robbers then you need cops) it probably wouldn't work out. I like your i
  12. Selzi


    Well, we're not saying it's unfair that they are heat-seeking missles and everything, we're saying it's a little unbalanced-ish because it's so easy to avoid missles that it comes down to who makes the mistake first. But if that's the way people want it then it's fine with me. Solid (wow that's odd to say, I used to be named SolidScope and was called Solid), I'm not sure how possible it is to just add SAM sites, but it would be a cool idea if you had to avoid surface-to-air missles while avoiding air-to-air missles.
  13. Selzi


    Well, then that rule would have to be enforced somehow. You'd also have to protect people on the ground who were running to the hydras (that's if you wanted to, I guess it could be optional) and hydras that aren't grounded but aren't fulling flying. When they're in their takeoff hover mode. Of course both of those are optional, but so is protected grounded hydras... Up to the admin I guess, and whatever the MTA team decides to do with the game.
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