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  1. Yeah... the "Suspected trainer usage" warning...
  2. Yeah, my screen is old too . For now there're 16 members in ST.
  3. This mod PWNS! I think about that, they should remove bikes and helis, jumping from car when driving, etc. from mod to make LC-MP more like GTAIII - GTAIII only with better graphics engine. You know what I'm talking about
  4. Yeah, I mean "ALL GTA3:MTA servers will be empty", sry my bad lol Of course, we all know it
  5. Hey, do ya ever tried to make a clan screenshot? It's Shady's Team http://img224.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... eam8it.jpg I was really pissed off when my friend was making this screenshot lol. I hope you like it
  6. I hope so man, that VC graphics engine pwns fo' sho'. Now I need to decide what my team should play... In a few days, when LC-MP will be released, GTA3:MTA servers will be emty...
  7. Are you talking about making server? In MTA 2003 (+ 4003 for admin) port is default. Maybe your firewall blocks it or one of your net programs uses it. Try to open 2003 and 4003 ports in your firewall or close program that uses 2003 port .
  8. Yh, so what we (people, clans playing GTA3:MTA) gonna do when MTA:SA will be released... (or SA-MP ). I'm bored of waiting for LC-MP.
  9. Yo, I hope you all (all players playing GTA3:MTA) noticed the new team [TYT] - The Yakuza Team. I want to see your opinions about this team. Unfortunately mfao is negative. I saw some ppl from this team carkilling and even cheating. Doesn't matter how many. Plus, they made their own server (registered to ASE). When I joined it, and I didn't say something - I got banned . Arrogant ppl. This is terrible - if you wanna join [TYT] just change your nick. They don't even want to contact with ya. Is it a nooby team? ...
  10. Yeah, you're right, Kenny. Now ppl are agorrant and or ignorant to other players... and that carkilling - it's the most annoying thing. I'm really get pissed off of it. Fortunately, there're still good and friendly player. I miss that old MTA times too...
  11. MTA 0.4.1 rocks. That was times! Gangwars etc... Active clans for example DK, KFC, and my old ST. But currently, a lot of people playing GTA3:MTA are newbies .
  12. I think someone was cheating and made that plane explosionproof or something. It's possible, I saw many cheating ppl, that em cars we're bulletproof, etc... But, sometime, when I connected to EMPTY server, then flying around LC, I DROWNED - that wasn't explosion! Maybe next bug.
  13. I saw only one GTA3:MTA server running with RPG script - {SB} clan's server (Staunton). You may play here .
  14. Usually, there are about 20 ppl playing GTA3:MTA. You can meet me at one of GTA3:MTA servers everyday
  15. Reinstall GTAIII and MTA. Maybe it's Windows (like Jigga said) or even hardware problem. Maybe your GTAIII copy is f***ed up ... or illegal . I don't think so that this is a graphics card drivers problem, or similar.
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