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  1. what a dumbass. Everyone would agree with me that he cant do any better. Isn't that right xerox? *expects xerox to come in and post on the thread*
  2. GGM sucks ass just becuase of this crash. For some reason it just boots you out with the error: Unhandled Exception. or something like that. Please try to figure a way to fix this error =(
  3. same problem here. Is the problem that you connect to a server, and sometimes It has players, and sometimes it doesnt? It doesnt make sense, it is very rare for me to actually get on a server that has players MOVING around and driving vehicles.
  4. how long would that take?
  5. The post says "expected" within 24 hours, and yet, before it was "expected" within 7 days. Yet its 2 days off of that, and its still not out. I dont want to sound like I'm complaining or anything, but its been delayed so many times.(or didnt come out within said time) Will it actually Happen this time within 24hrs??
  6. Otach

    East Side Gang

    you're all in.
  7. ok. but if you guys are pricks about it I'll just go help another gang = )
  8. Can I join? Sounds like a huge gang already and I like gangs with power >
  9. someone teach me or show me a place to learn to hack that isnt trojan related =\ anyone can have fun with trojans but I wanna like put some funky unoticable phrase at a bottom of a site and crap like that =)
  10. ok vogel, mta team, eveyone is dying to just give an ESTIMATED time at least, I know you dont like release dates, but cant you guys give us an estimate of when this awesome phenomenon will release??
  11. whoooooooaaa...I just noticed a lot of the team is from Holland....cooool....holland's cooool
  12. what is this 'mod' everyone talks about
  13. Otach

    East Side Gang

    If you know how to use the guns in gta3 extreemely well, this is for you. We are currently looking for people who: -Can REALLY roleplay fights -Can use a bat well (its not that hard) -Will listen to orders from people higher in command -Be able to drive. (well.) The East Side will swarm gta3 mta.3 once it comes out, we will probably scedule wars with other gangs. We will probably use the triad Actor/skin from gta3.
  14. thanks. I entirely loathe GGM's chat system. It 'blinks' and stays on the screen for a split second. I like counter strike's chat system, is it something like that?
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