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  1. so is this topic dead now or is anyone gonna be working on a rpg mode?
  2. yes but there are diffrent type of games out there even though there are 3d graphics sometimes its fun to go back and play the classics thats why there are roms 2d games if no one played them then they wouldnt be found anywhere and i played vice city and gta 3 online but i enjoy old games too sometimes its good to take a break from the new games
  3. anyone wants to play multiplayer with me if so aim me: askxcznk or msn: poison1990@mail.ru also do u know any editors so i can mod the game for gta2?
  4. this is a dumb question but i was wondering if it will support gta 1 and 2? if anyone didnt know is that they are free and gta 2 has a multiplayer already im getting it right now http://rockstargames.com/classics/
  5. well if u would have read the rpg topic when i replied i said about ppl who will be able to attack u maybe like a gang in the gang just a whole bunch of ppl will shoot u i thought this would be possible coz it happened in game
  6. hehe thats true sorry about the title but i was thinking about something else then
  7. will it be possible in blue to have a shop or something?
  8. well i would love to help out i can host teh project (make a site and have a domain and all that) but im not so good at coding im learinign c++ but maybe if i can get in onto it i can catch up to the coders somehow the hardest part i think it would be the xp im guesing if we could only put another bar with the other ones (stats) we could code and make the bar increase when u kill or steal cars do stuff like that i was thinking is it possible to put mobs of ppl so it would be something to kill so u can lvl up?? like i remmember there was some cheat to make the ppl have weapons and shoot everyo
  9. i tried learning c++ but i never got it btw do u have any good ebooks or something i should get?
  10. there probably wouldnt be a hospital they woudl resurect in the gangs base
  11. is it possible to use p2p when the server is running to get more ppl in the server? like in mmo or something like it when there is 1 main source and every other played gives so much up speed so there will be less lag. im saying this coz gta sa is a huge world and i think it will be very expenive to get more then 10 ppl in it
  12. not a bad idea but some ppl will go on a rampage so i think in rpg mode the (leader) must give money so player will buy weapons and so not all player will have weapons. That way theere will be less of noob players killing their own and going on a stupid rampage for no reason. or something like that (leader) giving money or guns...
  13. i got a question When u would want to do a drive by whne u get into a car u would go to the drivers seat but there is a driver and u want to get into the back seat would it work? and there would probably be a vote to choose a leader and u could probably jsut come up and kill him hehe and take the leaders place that would be cool
  14. well im guesing it can hold as many players as the server your playing on will be able to
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