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  1. Ok, now im getting the same messages, but at adress: 00445325. This is like happening on many servers, any sometimes every minute. What must i do to get rid of this? Its blocking me from playing!
  2. Sometimes, my game freezes when playing mta, shuts off, and i get this message: Unhandled Exeption: c0000005 Adress: 005c2d01 How can i fix this, its getting very annoying? Thankss in advance!
  3. tomirlik


    I just installed mta along with the server patch, and have vice city 1.0. Everytime I start up the client and try to find a server, none appear. It doesn't even say "unscanned", simply nothing ever shows up in the server box. Why is this happening to me? Thanks in advance!
  4. TY very much. Problem solved.
  5. Ok look, I apolagize. The thing is, no one ever wants to help me, and I never get answers. I've posted this problem like 2 times before, and no one gives me an answer. Not even a hint. I may be stupid cause I cant find anything in the FAQ, but please just help me with my question.
  6. Well, I looked, but I can't find the solution to my problem. Please, don't be an asshole. Just tell me the answer. I wanna host soooooooo much.
  7. The thing is, every time I try to run the "MTAServerConfigTool", it never turns on. Ill I get is this beep telling me there is a problem. Also, when starting my own server in the client, the "server setup" doesn't work either. I have the patch for the server installed, so i dont know whats going on. Please help me cause i wanna host!!!
  8. Yup, im Polish! I would like to join this clan and kick some ass!!! Email: tom.overlord@gmail.com
  9. Im new to mta, and i would like to know how to get money when playing!!! Thanks in advance!
  10. Sometimes, when playing mta: vc, the game just randomly shutsdown (especially when someone jacks my vehicle). Sometimes, i get a message like error reporter, unhandled exeption, etc. after thew game shutsdown. So, why does thid happen????????????
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