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    Ok i renamed it "handling.cfg" and its a CFG file. However, it has the image of the notepad in front of it. And it still says "error, cannot locate c:/programs/rockstar games/ data/ handling.cfg
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    Well Having the file for handling is not the problem. Its because its not in its orginal format that it cant read it properly. I saved it as a .txt and so its not in its original format. Do you know how to change the format back??
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    Well, one of my friends told me about how you could mod cars in the data folder of VC. He told me to open it in Notepad. So i did. I put a copy of the folder to the desktop as a back up so that when i was done i could just put that back in and it would be ready to go right? WRONG! I had to open it in notepad for it to save to desktop. So when i put it back in and tried to connect to MTA, it gives me the warning "ERROR, handling.cfg cannot be found." Reinstalling VC is my last choice so does anyone have any ideas for how to convert that file back?
  4. Did you try simply looking for it in the task bar? Somtimes if you close the client without diconnecting it will just store itself in the taskbar like other programs.
  5. Do you by chance have another program running at the same time such as xfire or msn or anything like that? Because it did that to me too when i had xfire running then i logged off of it and then it let me connect. So make sure you dont have any other prgrams running when you want to play.
  6. Slyder

    i cant play :(

    [Removed: no warez]
  7. Just try uninstalling then reinstalling MTA then reset the gamepaths and it should work again. To reset gamepaths just go into options tab on the client.
  8. YES!!!! i think i have it!!! thanx a bunch yall for puttin up with all my bull shniz and helpin me out!!!
  9. No!! please dont!! just tell me step by step what YOU do when you get onto MTA.
  10. well if i leave an IP in there, it will connect to the server dedicated to that IP, right? And if i leave the box empty and try and connect to a server it says that i have to enter an IP. So how do i join a server if i have to enter a IP, and when i enter an IP and connect it wont bring me to the server that i want, it will bring me to the server dedicated to that IP. ugh im confused!
  11. well then whats the list of servers for? if i have to put in the IP of the server then why do they give you a list of servers to choose from. And how do you find the IP of a server?
  12. well, thanks that IP did work but i can only connect to that same server no matter what server i try and connect to. Im not tryin to set up my own server just play in one. Is there a certain IP i put in if i just want to join servers and play? Thanks a lot guys for all the help. Its appreciated
  13. Yes im on a wireless connection using a Linksys broadband router.
  14. I try to connect to a server with my own IP and it times out. When i enter my friends IP it works just fine and i can connect to a game and play. However, the only time i can succesfully join and play on a server is when that same friend is playing. If he is not on i cannot play on any servers. Is there somthing wrong with the way I enter the IP or a special way to enter it or somthing?
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