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  1. Trox

    Clan {FEAR}

    Oh well... We don't even bother with MTA anymore... So now YOU guys have fun and good luck with this whole MTA thing P.S. MTA is far behind others.
  2. Trox

    Clan {FEAR}

    Good support from these forums I must say
  3. Trox

    Clan {FEAR}

    Clan {FEAR} The newest clan to hit the streets. Dedicated to killing whatever moves. I, the leader, am looking for some of the best shooters and drivers that play San Andreas. If you think your one of them then PM me or respond. I have many other expeirences with shooting games such as CS:S and other games. What it takes to join: You've just gotta have a little bit of FEAR in you. How you join: PM, respond, or email me at boakes33@gmail.com Why join? To kick some ass and have fun doing it. We frag the weak, and hurdle the dead. It's just the way we roll.
  4. Can we have a street for a gang HQ Instead of just a building?
  5. For the gangs HQ's that would be sweet to. If you were doing some clan match that could be where your weapons spawn or something.
  6. Once we can start running around on foot are we going to be aloud to go into buildings?
  7. Ok... I thought this would be kinda fun. Say one person is... "It". The person who is It has to run away from everyone else and they have to kill him. Whoever kills him is It next. The person who is It for the longest wins. Also put a time limit on the game so it doesn't last forever. I thought it would be pretty intense to have 10 people driving after you shooting at you
  8. What's the difference between 1.0 and 2.0?
  9. Sorry but in my opinion Gtat sucks.
  10. Trox


    I think that there should be some psyco killer guy too. A guy that wears all black and has some like.. cowboy hat on or something and he always runs around at night with is desert eagle killing people... And if you kill him you get... a high five!
  11. Trox


    That would be amazing... Haha I would definetly do it. But they would have to make it so that he can't easily be killed. If it's too easy then it would get kinda boring. It should be harder than ever. First it's hard to find him, then it's hard to keep up with him, then it's hard just to pop a couple caps into him Sweet.. That's all I can say.
  12. Trox


    Haha, it sounds kinda sweet... But the whole reason I would want to play San Andreas online is to roam around with some friends shooting at eachtoher.. haha, not to play baseball..
  13. Trox


    Well of course there are some weird people out there. And just think of the ones who spent countless hours looking for myths and they weren't even true. How about making their dreams come true and adding some myths into the game. The main one that I was thinking about was Big Foot. How amazing would it be to be able to go out into the woods and sit around for a while looking for a Big Foot. And then once you do kill him maybe you can get some special rank or something sweet like that, that will show that you killed him. Just make it really hard to kill him... Sounds like an amazing idea to me,
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