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  1. radeon ive got an fx5200 and they just dont cut it when playing games like battlefield 2 which most games are getting to
  2. looks like the real punkbuster got him, hahaha and again hahahaha
  3. hey i have no problem with his mod and i think its great that hes trying to do somthing to catch cheaters. i wasnt disrespecting his mod mearly trying to understand why he would say that the real punkbuster was shit and he still hasnt gave me an answer all he goes on about is how im a dipshit cause he cant grasp what hes talking about above he says that it proves his point im a dipshit. possibly for pointing out to him how diffrent the real punkbuster is from his and how its not crap for catching thousands of cheaters anyway im done with this moronic argument. hes a stubborn little shit an
  4. And the sad thing is, I'm guessing he's going to use PunkBuster. im a bit confused with that post, do you mean your anti cheat script or the the real punkbuster? your script: no i wont be using it i dont run an mta server so its not that funny. the real punkbuster: hell yes of crourse i use it its in all the best games. the ones i play anyway - call of duty, battlefield 2, rtcw, AA and theres no way to play these games except on a non pb enabled server but then your just gonna get morons with aimbots wall hacks health cheats and all sorts does yours catch things like wall hacks and aimbo
  5. lmao yes its the year of my birth i guess you cant count then huh ?
  6. well i see it as necessary, kid needs to be taught a lesson, trouble is kids sitting behind there desk like fayte dont seem to realise that you can just as easily be sued on here as in the real world and his mummy wont beable to help much except sell the pc she bought him for xmas to pay for all the trouble he put her through by being stupid
  7. indeed thats why i dont use it but its a well known name and registered trademark so ill use it on my chat client and maybe people will think its awsome and i will be famous and then get sued btw i use yahelite for chating to people on yahoo, its better and more stable than messenger cause kids cant hack/kick you on it
  8. hahahaha man your an idiot trying to say your so called "punkbuster" is better and your a liar. you took the name because you know deep down that punkbuster(the only one) is the best why dont i go call my php mta query tool ASE yes thats cool ill call it ASE because ASE is a piece of shit and while im at it ill call my chat client i made ages ago Yahoo Messenger jusdt because i like the name joking about the ase and yahoo thing btw
  9. grow up kid, i hope even balance sue you. seems to me that your trying to ride on pb's tail naming your crap the same as it, very misleading and wrong just for your stupidity im going to tell evenbalance about you.
  10. lol great job with that, it thinks a windows directory is a trainer i asume it just checks open windows. so what if i had to hide a trainer so that it was runing in the background
  11. of course its copyright. change or they will more than likely try to sue you, or threaten i know i wouldnt want to come up against pb. and derhitman do you honestly think that punkbuster is going to make it for mta or give mta the right to use it(i dunno how they work that out) ? lol thts funny, i dont mean to sound mean or anything but mta just isnt that big, yes its big but its hard to take it serious maybe if mta was as smooth running as those games on the list they might consider that pb could be used in mta but then where you gonna get the money from, pb are affilated with big companys in
  12. you need to go into the php script its self to change the player part heres how: open mtaquery.php scroll down the page and look for /*Players display*/ you should see this: /*Players display*/ $player_list .= ' '.$player['name']. ''.$player['score']. ''.$player['ping'].' '; /*end Players display*/ just add your bgcolor="" into the td the reason this part isnt in the template is because i dont know how to do loops in them so the php script builds that part of the tpl then outputs it as {player_list} BELLOW CODE FOR PEOPLE WANTING TO CREATE OWN TEMPLATE FROM SCRATCH when building
  13. hello there, i work with visual basic 6 and as your aware i made an application for voice chat in games, after a response from one of your forum members about cpu usage i tested my app to check and found that my method of notifiying the user of who is speaking, joined, left caused alot of cpu usage (50%) i have tried several places before for an explanation of how to create a directx overlay and no one has answered so i was forced to use a windows popup for my method. but now im forced to update the app to stop the high cpu usage and again looking for dx overlay how-to in vb6. i hope one of
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