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  1. not even gonna read it. umad?
  2. i'm too lazy to look up what's inside those links, but i repeat(specially for you, since u rarely get things from the first time, do you?): i do not demand scrits, i ask for help. and if ppl are willing to help, then they help and if they aren't, then they move along. at least, i prefer things to be this way. so yea, as you can see i was kind enough to explain you the whole thing, even though your opinon is unimportant to me and you're just another angry guy from the matureland who enjoys playing rpg games and has a "succesful server" sever and a great knowledge of life. after you attacked me
  3. hey, you're probably taking me for some1 else. maybe for yourself or for your mom. idk. anyways, i never begged anyone and i never will. again, that's probably your attitude, not mine. and go find those scripts on the community page, boy or gtfo yourself. good luck searching. i can be lovely too.
  4. coloured deathlist and hunter toptimes with dates(and optionally with clan tags) for race.
  5. ty for the tip, but my votemanger's meta looks like what Jaysds1 has posted. But i managed to find a function that resembles the one you've told me about. it is in votemanager_server.lua . there're actually 2 strings that have this function: here they are: activePoll.finishesAt = getTickCount() + activePoll.timeout * 1000 pollTimer = setTimer(endPoll, activePoll.timeout * 1000, 1) yeah, but when i put 7 in front of "*" votemanager just stopped to work lol. so maybe anyone else has some thought on the topic?
  6. addCommandHandler("replace", function () setTimer(function () engineImportTXD(engineLoadTXD("skin.txd", ID), ID) engineReplaceModel(engineLoadDFF("skin.dff", 0), ID) end, 1000, 1) end) addCommandHandler("restore", function () engineRestoreModel(ID) end) the default code for this should look like this? and what if i want to bind these actions? bindKey("F3", "up", function() replace = (not replace) if(replace)then outputChatBox("#FFFFFF[ENABLE]#FF5500Custom skin is now #00FF00enabled#FF5500
  7. how to keep both models at the same time? for example a user has a choice to keep the original look of a vehicle or switch to a modified one?
  8. i think u need to start admin resource. how do u do that? type "start admin" in console.
  9. thanx a lot. i'll try that. added: just checked the meta, and it looks like this already: "jbeta" description="Vote manager resource" type="script" version="1.1.0" /> resource="helpmanager" /> and the time out is still 15 secs. wtf?
  10. okay, thanx brother. and bump.
  11. i gotta simply put it somewhere in votemanager_server.lua? ty for your help. ^^ and bump, i still need some help with votemanager's timeout.
  12. i apologize for bumping, but how to make this work? i need to rename race_top times to toptimes or what? please help.
  13. unfortunately ot happens for me. bump.
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