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    I have applied the SRT3 V1.7 into my game, and it works in mta, however mta don't even see or recognise the SAstreammemfix which is needed for that texture mod to work without textures popping in and out of screen. Is there a way to get that streammemfix to work correctly in mta?
  2. I thought the mta: Dm would move to 1.1 gta:sa patch once dm was released, but i still see it use 1.0. I like to patch all my games to current, and it drives me nuts to use the 1.0 version and im not gonna use multiple installations of the game just to play mp. Why is it so hard for the devs to support the 1.1 patch?
  3. Damn, you guys dissed vbulletin for phpbb? That really discredits you guys on how knowledgeable you guys are, whenever i see a phpbb forum, i think of webmaster newbs. If you cannot setup a vbulletin forum properly which is cake as im a master at it (http://www.ndgclan.com is a vb site i made for my clan), then how should we trust you on good scripting of the server? Sure, it shouldn't matter what forum software you use, but for most control out of any forum, phpbb does not have that as much as vbulletin, though you will find newbs who think so. Well it is your guyses project, but very unwis
  4. I want people to know here, that steam is not secure, it's very handy indeed, but there are hack groups that can and will hijack your account, and you don't even ever have to tell anybody your password for them to do so. My steam account was hijacked not long ago, then my email account that was tied into it was hijacked which made it impossible for me to request for password, fortunantly for me i have proof of ownership of it, in which the hijacker don't, but it's still a big pain in the ass to get back as i have to have steam change my email to my new one, and then go from there. My advice
  5. I got the best controller you can use for this game, it's called mouse and keyboard control >8P Why people are unwilling to use mouse and keyboard i will never understand, you can aim alot better and easier with a mouse than you can with a anolog stick.
  6. Nascar based racing maps > Full-speed with plenty of laps.
  7. Well we would need someone to build it, and webspace, i have webspace but it would be subdomained. If someone wants to buy a domain like mtamaps.com or something then that would be cool. I have experience setting up forums and all, but mostly work with vbulletin as http://www.starfyrez.com is my site, but know how to do all others. BTW that endurance track could be modified too, add some boosters and stuff.
  8. I could make a forum specifically for maps. Maps are small and small enough to be in attachments. It would be subdomained though but it would work all the same. Unless someone else is planning to.
  9. I know this is the wrong place for this, and if a mod would move this instead of deleting it i would be happy. I made a map much like nascar racing sorta heh, 3 laps around a big highway and yes it's long. It's meant for only 16 players. If you guys want it then here it is. Check it out before you judge it please. This map is meant for race sim players more as it's pretty long and you go full speed the whole way.
  10. Rude, but correct heh. Celerons do suck, i am a AMD fan though so. I haven't had one crash yet though, lucky me... and my specs ain;t that great. *AMD Athlon XP 2700+ *512 mb 3200 ddr Ram *128 mb ATI Radeon 9200SE
  11. Would it be possible to allow clients to upload maps to the server in-game? Maps are a very small size so let's say a player calls a vote for a map he has on his comp, but is not on the server and if it is all voted on a yes then the client with the map upload to server,and server distribute it. I think this would add alot more stuff and excitement to the game, and wouldn't require a person to host their own server in order to play on a map he/she has made.
  12. You can get the codec from those locations.
  13. I actually grabbed it from http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 1670441597
  14. It's music that don't really fit the theme of the game to be honest, but i think it still turned out very well.
  15. This is something i done cause i was a lil bored, so i just combined all videos and took out the sounds and added music. It came out not that bad and it sounds a lil more inspiring now. http://www.filefactory.com/get/f.php?f=9e7056507615b2efd14ba19b Please tell me what you think! This is encoded using the Divx Codec, so make sure you have that installed. If you need the codec you can go to http://www.divx.com or to http://www.free-codecs.com and grab the k-lite mega codec pack.
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