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  1. yeh sounds rediculous , 7 matches in one day just doesn't happen n e more, maybe back in .3r2 or maybe .4.1
  2. Serb not that quickly it lasted longer than XW or was it bTk lol.
  3. Woot TTH on here keep up with the good work
  4. mirror


    cause thats what MTA is
  5. mirror


    lol, yeah, i should be done "buying" it in a day or two... gonna take a look anyway. if it pique's my interest, i might consider investing. hopefully you have a Gunny free zone to play in Come join perenolde server Warfire I'll take yeh threw instances with my 60 mage
  6. mirror


    So ur Saying Jesus would like people killing each other with guns and cars, than a bunch of different races quest party whatever, using stuff other than guns?? I don't think so lol.
  7. mirror


    laughs at the person stuck in MTA when theres a whole lot better world of sync and stuff out there
  8. mirror


    ROFL yeh warfire u should join us.
  9. mirror


    maybe both
  10. mirror


    Dude its common knowledge mages own pallys I have owned several hundred pally's myself evne higher lvl ones. So go learn something about good mages bubble boy lol.
  11. mirror


    Not of the mage has the same type of gear same tier set. Trust me mages>pally's
  12. mirror


    NOOOO 60 mage FTW, mages eat pally's for breakfast!!, Alliance are immature compared to horde, admitted not all alliance, but all the little kiddies go for Nelves because of hte looks
  13. mirror


    hiya quig I play WoW too lvl 59 undead mage almost 60 and one of the best PVP aka player vs player Mage u can find.
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