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  1. Bumping this up
  2. Is there any possibility to change browser request headers, user-agent for example?
  3. Is there any way I can put a text in a browser textfield that is not hosted on localhost? I know that I could inject mouse down on a textfield and user can type on his own a text string using his keyboard. The point is to do it from the code. Something like: injectBrowserMouseDown injectBrowserMouseUp injectBrowserTextInput("abcdefg") I wanted to use JS to get element by id and update innerText, but executeJavaScript does not with remote addresses.
  4. I am having a problem with a resource that is reading lua files from other resource. It used to work on previous server version. After migrating to 1.5.3 I can see that error: Access denied @ 'fileOpen' [Database credentials protection denied resource aaa to access bbb] How can I disable that protection check? I've given Admin rights to resource aaa. Answer: mtaserver.conf <database_credentials_protection>0</database_credentials_protection>
  5. I am not talking about, how you've called it, patters images or a shader file. I am talking about vehicle model files (I'll remind you which extensions does they have: txd, dff, col) I made long time ago in 3DS Max only for EPG.
  6. You have absolutely no rights to use any of my vehicle model files I made for European Pro Gamers.
  7. There is an option to apply a shader to elements, peds, vehicles etc. I was thinking of applying shader to some effects. There is a well known nitro shader which changes the colour for every player. I know that there should be a way to make 2 same nitro effects in 2 different colors/textures. How could I try to apply shader to only chosen effects - maybe from createEffect? Or I am sure that there should be just a way to do it in fx files - but I am dump in these so I am just asking.
  8. Yeah, I have made an external C# code yesterday which do such thing. Not a good way for me but I see no other options (I wanted to stick to MTA code so I can minimalise user interaction - as I am not the only one who will use it). But thanks, I think it would be great if MTA team add an variable to each resource which will hold the path. resource.path - "" - "[maps]" - "[maps]/[dm]"
  9. Thanks, but I've tried that already, and I suppose fileExists only can accept resourcenames without their path.. I get 0 results using that function. EDIT: I am trying to find it out using OOP. Look: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource "A name, state, root element, base directory path are associated to a resource, among other attributes." I can use: resource.name, resource.state - and it works well, I am wondering if there is smth like: resource.path <- It is not working, but I am trying to find it. Is there any way to get all oop variables (name, state...)? I've just found how to get all oop functions: local t = getmetatable(res).__class for k,v in pairs(t) do outputChatBox(k) end Any ideas how to help me? EDIT2: local t = getmetatable(res).__get for k,v in pairs(t) do outputChatBox(k) end There is no path, for resource ;/ EDIT3: I am thinking of using renameResource which supports orgizational path. local name = getResourceName(res) local renamed = renameResource(res,name,"[mycategory]") if renamed then -- I know that the resource wasnt in that folder else -- Hurray I've found resource which is in [mycategory] path end ^ works well, but I have a problem, when 'renamed' returns false, the resource is moved to mycategory, I could move it to root folder by doing renameResource again, but I'd like to move them to their original category... (If they were moved from [firstcategory] to [mycategory] then I am loosing the info about firstcategory)
  10. How can I get resource organization path? I'd like to collect maps which are stored in a organization path. Is that possible? getResources("[newmaps]")
  11. XFawkes


    try checking: snowground.fx file finalColor.a = texel.a * PS.Diffuse.a; try to multiply it with a 2 or 3 finalColor.a = texel.a * PS.Diffuse.a * 3;
  12. Affected rows:0 IT means that it received the mysql query and it is correct [syntax] but there were another problems? No row with UID = 1 ? missing collumns money , skin?
  13. local hour, minutes = getTime() if (hour >= 6 and hour < 12) or (hour >= 19 and hour < 22) then --another if's -- code end It will allow the gate to move between 6:00 and 11:59 or 19:00 and 21:59
  14. Hmm I didn't tested the idea I just came out. What IF I dont change the log file directory, but I modify the file. lets say I have logs in: /logs/server.log Program copies the file everyday at 0:00 to: /logs/server_RRRR_MM_DD.log and clears /logs/server.log So the server.log have saved logs since 0:00 this day to 'now' all the time So the destination doesn't need to be changed. I am just wondering if this will actually work? I will check the idea tomorrow
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