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  1. not my video... was browsing little on google... btw... you guys do awesome work on mta... played san andreas multiplayer... its full of hackers... you can pauze the game etc etc.. i think MTA : SA will be much and much better....
  2. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2505863670157023946&q=gta maybe not MTA... but i just had to show
  3. i am sure people will publish maps for the game making you only use 1 of 3 states or just a part.
  4. derhitman


  5. i think you need version 1.0 of san andreas... try using a downgrader to patch 1.0 (or was it 1.1?)
  6. in the next patch its DM, and it wouldnt be a problem to be afk for 30 seconds when spawned....
  7. i think you can get a decent gaming connection for like 20 euro's a month.. (cable) (18 dollars) i got for 40 euro 800kb/s to 1 mb/s on downloads
  8. play on your ps2 if ya want autoaim... should be getting kinda unfair wouldnt it...
  9. yeh... that was sumtin in his email.. i lost the VC CD's
  10. rofl... i was always on his server... barry studenten sumtin:P i was that hitman or sh*tman or whatever is was called:P played allot there with that soraya chick...
  11. are you the harry known as barry? that had own serv?
  12. but dont get out before the driver got out or you lose your head just like mta VC
  13. eehm... America's army is a COMPLETE free game... its build up by the american goverment... and payed by the goverment... and second... MTA is free... so no cd keys needed to play mta... and i hope mta will keep running on donations and sponsers for a long long time cause i love it
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