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  1. Hey that means ur video card is to weak, u need a better one, like a radeon 8400 or higher i think
  2. but on this server im on u can buy property, which i have non of yet lol. i know u cans ell car on that one and use bank
  3. Not recharging health, no no no. Just a smiple "SHIELD". So there would be 3 things in ur hud health ,armor and shield, make it take about 5 shots then fail. As long as ur not being shot they'll recharge slowing after a few sec's. They dont have to be MEGa strong , and again no not recharging health
  4. Theres a mod at codeGTA, it makes it go faster( which really) helps. I think the speed problem is the only problem Heres a link http://www.codenamegta3.co.uk/downloads ... -dodo-mod/ Sorry if the links a bit big
  5. Would it be possbile to make recharging shields in GTA 3? Have its meeter the the left of Armor meeter. Just like in Halo, recharging shirlds change the game greatly, I think it would make it more fun. Fot I person who has like 4 health , just hides for there shields to recharge, then back to action long enough to do some damage. Tell me, my to all yall think of this idea.
  6. Lol, thats funney. i like rain too, but I dont dance,lol
  7. Yeah the Chief I found was for VC, I really dont know if i can make it work in GTA 3, or was the one u said for GTA 3
  8. ok i tryed to make a Master Chief Skin but it didnt go to well. Can some one fix it plez!? photo
  9. Oh sorry, I had just woke up. Any way back to the point how do i make skins?
  10. Ok how do i make skins, cause i wana make a Don Knots skin for GTA 3, (lol hes the man)Could some one teach me or is there a speacil tool i can download?
  11. All sounds good to me, i like the whole turf ideal, with police and gangstas and the Army.
  12. So its better to make it a mod? Oh a question, in MTA blue does the host of a server,well, how do the mods work? Like if i host a game and i have some car mods does that let anyone who joins use the mod? Like in Halo.
  13. Ok, this may of been posted before but this is a GREAt idea. I ( and lots of thers) would think it would be sweet if you could pay some one while in a game. It be just like in the game, big rich boss dudes pays newbes to do odd jobs for them and stuuf, bodies gaurds , limo driver. And (What i would what to be ) BOUNTY HUNTERs. Your a boss, some one ticked ya off? Y not pay a bad a$$ bounty hunter to go kill em!?Sounds good to me. I do not know if this is posible, but so many other thing are already been done!So y not this cool feature . So what do yall think of it?! Let me hear yall's th
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