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  1. I think its sounds like a good idea. lol
  2. Which you can't currently take advantage of in MTA because somebody is taking forever to release MTA for SA.
  3. OMG they've actually done something! He, great to see what they've been up to recently.
  4. Yeah, but when MTA does it, it does the useful thing of actually working.
  5. I was thinking it would be cool if there was a car bomb which would explode when the horn was activated. What this would allow for would be both a suicide bomb (players driving at high speed towards multiple enemies and activating horn to kill them all) and a booby trap (other player gets in, and may use horn for some reason, boom)
  6. Have you got many more features left to complte then? If not, then does that mean it's nearly beta, rather than alpha? Or is it already beta?
  7. From the scripting videos it looks pretty complete to me. What do they have left to do now?
  8. Just because you posted here doesn't mean they're going to release it today. We all want to see MTA DM as mcuh as you, but we're just going to have to wait. Oh, and coingratsulations on all golds in flying school. Hunter apache is good for completing vigilante missions (it's the only decent heli that can)
  9. On something similar: headshots I know iot wouldn't be popular to have it set at default that headshots be allowed, but I was wondering if it would be possible to allow mappers to script different damage characteristic for players i.e headshots, 1 shot kill etc.
  10. I was woindering if the camera when used in MP will save the photo taken into the sdmae place is it does in sp?
  11. It'd be interesting to see a feature where servers could link to online radio feeds that woul dbe through the in car radio as an extra station, similar to user track. The server would set the url for the radio station in server oiptions or something.
  12. You Q&A guys need to upload more videos to youtube, including the scripting ones. EDIT opps, you already did.
  13. It has been suggested that files be provided to players via another server, in a similar fassion to CS:S on steam.
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