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  1. heh, with the way development is going, it looks like this is going to be just like gary's mod, except with better scripting. and with gta4's multiplayer not cutting it, mta actually might have found the cure to late night boredom. lol. (oh, and on a side note, why does it say new user on the forums for me when it also says joined in 2005, i mean, i know i don't post very much so i cannot be considered a regular, but i am not a noob to these forums. c'mon, give up some recongization people!!)
  2. okay, as we all know gta san andreas allows the modding of cars, but they are all cosmetic mods, there are no mods that help with the car's performance (except for nitrous). I am suggesting that a new ability be added to mta where performance mods can be done. I was thinking something like this: performance mods could be stuff like turbocharger, new engine, new intake, new suspension, lighter car body, etc... all of which, when installed, would modify your handling.conf file in a way where when you disconnect from the server, it changes back to normal. perhaps it could use a handling.conf fo
  3. clan website?? the link you have provided seems to be dead. please provide me with a url to lvg's website
  4. I agree with it, This opens up more possabilities!!! I also agree with on foot and jetpacks being race vehicles!!!!!!!
  5. I have had it happen to me several times too, if you just wait until the next map starts, it will go away and be normal again. btw, i run mtasa in full screen as well
  6. hey, as foreign diplomat and offical representative of Power-Pimps, I am posting to say that we recently picked our new PPPD (Power-Pimps Pleasure Domes). it used to be jizzy's club, but we recently voted to change it, and it is now the 4 dragons casino, so put us down for that we also choose mad dog's crib thanks!!!!!
  7. our clan is a san andreas based clan, but i think i might be able to get some members to go with having an mtavc match with another clan, anyway, here is more info about our clan: clan website: http://power-pimps.com/ clan leadership: Kingpins: fitzy9996 ZR-350H founders (which are no longer with the clan): Cheetah01 Elkhound rest of members: Name Rank Age Country Gerrit Leader 39 The Netherlands hanff Leader 33 The Netherlands NSX Leader 21 The Netherlands dAxpHpNIzER Co-Leader 17 Austria
  8. hey, our clan is currently looking for members to join up. however, since we already have 44 members and are popular for helping gtat with development, have the most popular gta rumble server, and have new recruits coming at us left and right. we are more interested in getting some experience in competing. we are a clan which is very organized and very friendly with helping other clans. however, if we are ever gonna be anything like KFC, we need experience with fighting and racing. if any clans are willing to take us on, please contact me at samiles01@gmail.com asap. or contact me on aim or
  9. hey, another thing i hope the team adds into 1.1, is a separate browser for LAN servers, and mabye a favorttes box. this may sound like something to be put in a 1.3 release or something, but i think that for the sake of going to thousand person lan parties and hosting a server on the network, that it is absolutely necessary!!!!
  10. hey, yes gta: sa version 2.0 is not supported by mtasa. but if ya want, you can convert it to ver 1.0 with this tool: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15151 as for the windows me thing. i guess you can try to install it and see if it works. i doubt it as windows me, 98, 95, and even 3.X are different from windows nt, 2k, xp. think of it like this, windows me and 9x are like mta 0.5, they use a highly unstable core (which is dos). and think of windows Nt, 2k, xp as mta blue, because nt, 2k, xp don't run off of dos, they run off of nt's core technology. now you may say that "windows xp a
  11. I Totally agree with this one. i mean, think about it. you are at a lan party with hundreds or even thousands of people. and you decide to start a mtasa server. now how is everyone gonna know about your server if you can't see it on the server list, i mean, what are you gonna do, tell 100-1000 people the ip address of a server. seriously, you would have people asking ya "what was that IP again". and they would be asking ya left and right. then you would develop a tumor and die. As we all know, all servers report to ase (all-seeing eye). at most lan parties, there is NO INTERNET. so somehow th
  12. yeah, imagine it, you could have 18-wheelers, you could have a plane-pulling contest with tow trucks and beagles. it would be cool to have it
  13. hey, i was wondering if in a future release of the race mod, would it be possible to race semi-trucks with trailers on them. you could make it so that if they lose their trailer, the checkpoints disappear and they have to go get their trailer back in order to race again. and for tracks where a player is likely to lose a trailer in the water, you can have vechicle change icons that would somehow put a trailer on back of yo vechicle. or you could do what you did with the bikes and make it so the trailer will not fall off. i am sure it could be implemented in some way.
  14. yeah, that would be nice. i was also thinking, what about releasing a gamemode similar to battlefield 1942 or bf2 where you have to capture certain locations on the map, and there is a counter that counts down depending on how many bases your team has. so if yourteam has no bases, the counter will count down faster than if you have all the bases. you may even be able to spawn at newly captured bases. it would be awesome for a war-type map
  15. another idea i have had, would be to classify the jetpack and on foot as vechicles in the race mod, that way you can have races where you can race part on-foot, on bike, in boats, etc... you still wouldn't be able to enter/exit vechicles, but you can come to a checkpoint, change into cj on foot, ron to another checkpoint, and turn into a car again. also, i know jetpack is technically not a vechicle, but if you could also put that into the race mod, that would be awesome. it would also be cool to have in deathmatch, that way you can dogfight with jetpacks and uzi's another idea I have had, an
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