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  1. Yeah my attidude was real shit but it aint anymore
  2. Ehm anyway i still like that topic (H) http://sbclan.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1816#1816
  3. Oh what a surprise every1 knows so stfu im not anymore
  4. Omfg CeoZ can you shut up .. Cant u get off computer. Go out and hang with ur friends, and put ur hat on ur head like u want .. just stop those fucking "useless" posts like " k "
  5. I can expect that Ruigan was here. They are not talking about me so stfu
  6. little kid, thats wants to be friends with UVA ceoz its That wants to be and plz stop talking shit lol this is XE topic just talk about XE and thats allright
  7. *RuiGy*

    MTA Allstars (A)

    lol brulla lil prick shut the fuck up lmfao stop spamming in A topic
  8. *RuiGy*

    MTA Allstars (A)

    im not 12 so fuck off or ur 2 scared of talkin in msn
  9. *RuiGy*

    MTA Allstars (A)

    12 ? lmfao anyway bye ..
  10. *RuiGy*

    MTA Allstars (A)

    lmfao sure u pwned me studx remember when u called me back to fsk plz join with other nick then others dunno its u plz and remember when i ownd ya in fsk base in fsk server ?? hoho merry xmas .. total idiot i left mta cuz of idiots like ur so fuck off .. btw zerb i dont pwn every1 but i pwn this lil gay over here called "studx"
  11. *RuiGy*

    MTA Allstars (A)

    lmfao stud is total idiot .. btw if u dunno stu then im not playing those games anymore .. just for fun sometimes with friends like 10 minutes or something and i play wars sometimes
  12. CGF [H] if u dont understand ask me in msn ;P
  13. 1 Person told me and he acts like vertigo Soo ...
  14. *RuiGy*

    =bTk= Born 2 Kill

    "honorary" righthand man [H] kewl
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