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  1. ...What? LOL I am not starting a gang, or a clan. I'm just seeing if anyone is interested in a little project I'm doing in MTA:VC. And what're you on about the bike on a roof? You can get a bike on almost all roofs if you are dedicated enough, but this is a bit off-topic... EDIT: Also, about the time zone difference. If you have MSN, please PM me your address so we can get together and discuss time issues. If you don't have MSN, do you have AIM?
  2. Alrighty, cool stuff. I plan on setting up an MTA room either Friday or Saturday so we can get started on things. If you're interested in participating in the vid, just reply again. Most likely the room will be setup around 6-7pm Pacific time. I will post the exact details on Friday. And remember, we aren't just jumping on bypassing cars...we'll be doing other things aswell. If you've seen Halo Jumping vids before, you'll get a more understanding of what we're trying to do here. If you haven't, head over to http://www.jumptactics.net - that's the only place that I know of that has Halo Jumpin
  3. No talent or skill required. You just have to have good listening skills, be good at MTA, and have a lot of time on your hands.
  4. Hey guys. I am looking for some people that're interested in being in a stunt-like group. Basically, a group of four would run around MTA:VC and do parkour...If you don't know what that means, here's an example: One of us would be positioned on a high roof. Another person would be at the bottom. Basically, we'd time it so the person at the bottom would speed by in a fast car. The person on the roof would jump down and land on top of the car. That's just an example...Basically we'd do stunts and tricks on foot, and create vids. Anyone interested?
  5. Hey guys and gals. I have a few questions: -I plan on hosting a Deathmatch server sometime in the near future. Is it possible to grant all the players on the server shotguns instead of all the other weapons? -This is a pretty specific question. Is it ideal to host an MTA server with Comcast Hi-Speed Internet?
  6. Personally, I think it would be up to the server and admins to decide. It's their server, why not let them host it to their likings.
  7. Darkness

    Good Luck!

    I'm glad this was posted. I don't sound to be mean, and I know all you are posting 'Good Luck' just to be nice, but we didn't advertise our clans/gangs here to be wished good luck over and over, we posted here to get people to join.
  8. Thank you, that's all I wanted to know.
  9. Website is uploaded. http://elitehunters.f2g.net/
  10. Is anyone going to join instead of wishing me GL?
  11. Sorry, I meant this for the VC version.
  12. Do you think you guys can add this feature in the near future? I think it would be really cool.
  13. Really? Where from? Heh... not know like meeting you, just know like knowing you. Ah, gotcha.
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