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  1. Maybe you should read my damn words better. I already said it was nice what he did, but i still am with MY opinion and not YOURS. Learn the difference..
  2. If you like to think of me as a jerk, fine thats your opinion, but i'll just stick with mine too. Simple as that, just ignore me if you dont like me, i'll just say whats on my mind, like i always do.
  3. Having a released MOD doesnt make it good synch .. i'd rather lay my confidence on MTA, GTA Black Project and SanArchy. Like i said, it's nice he made all that, but still, i'd rather see more synch. There are like, 2 or 3, released mods.. and they all got chop-chop synch. Everyone knows (sry mr. maker of gtat) that gtat has really horrible features/sych. I definitly wouldn't be suprised if anyone can compete with rumble.. sry mr. maker of rumble but the synch is horrible =/
  4. I do heh, i just didnt care to read this thread after i've read a part of their forum, anyway, both dont lag and stay still, then aim on the head, or body, whatever, and shoot. You wont hit. Also, the cars float and chop futher.. well its nice you take your time to make such thing.. but i'd rather see more synch.
  5. Make people/cars look smooth and aim correctly
  6. Learn as you go along, thats my idea anyway, just starting modding at first, in other words, have a fully functional code which you are going to understand and edit. http://www.cplusplus.com, is indeed an excellent site to get to know the most basics of functions.. and above all .. think logical.
  7. Damn, it has been definitly too long ago since i last checked back here. How's the progress going anyway (get me updated since my last post lol)? Im sure youre working as much as you can.. and want too . What language would the sdk be in, c++, ansi-c or whatever all those names. I've studied C++ since my last post so when .. and if you release youre SDK thingy i'd prolly be able to get this thing rolling.. offcourse, when and if . Some great idea's have been posted here and im very much looking forward to the release gg (good game) guys! - Spike
  8. Downloading isnt illegal, uploading is. I believe you wont get punished, only if you send it to others, sell it or smth like that. yeah i can understand you dont wanna buy again, but rockstar deserves some money for their game too
  9. just read whats already there (on sdk release) and see how they build it, best way to learn is to experiment and think logical
  10. pff, only 1 sentance is good for this, and works quite well in real life too... Dont judge someone/something before you know it/them!
  11. MTA focuses on modders, giving the opportunity to create smth with their blue build .. dont depend on them for gamemods. Thats nice. SA-MP focusses more on the community, and they do seem alot nicer no offense ppl here, they tend to communicate more with their visitors.. i like that. Anyway, lets see the actual playable style and decide then
  12. If you count on a year u dont get disapointed lol
  13. C++ aint all that hard.. it just takes time and dedication to learn what ur dealing with. Not be to be 'show around' but my jk2 mod dedicated to prevent crashing actually did stop all crashing, while all others currently downloadable did not. ( i owe a mate for some things though:P)
  14. Youre post points out such things, but balace comes with testing. Do you happen to know the Jedi Knight community, a FPS with Lightsabers, quite RPG styled i might add now. About Might learn C++ If i got the time i might try and see how this one works, it seems im learning my way trough c++ by coding for jk2 .. great. Well, when its out ill take a look (cud u point out what type of functions are where ty)
  15. The cop has to respect the law .. i doubt the player will
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