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  1. what you mean karlis? if created a export function by my Resource where is a Variable Located which represent if the Radar ist Showing or not but i Dont know where I paste it in the customblip resource. My goal would be if the radar is hidden (showPlayerHudComponent = false) the customblips would hidden on the Radar to but i dont know where I could paste my exported function. GreeZe
  2. hm works fine but I've got a little problem to =/ I worked on a RPG Script and the playerradar is allways hidden if a player is on foot but the icon would allways render at the position which the radar is normaly showing. Is there anyway to fix it?
  3. Senze

    Gui Input lost

    Post Script here ist good ^^ It isn't in to much GUIs and Scripts this failure to show al of ist so if you like to read more the 6k Line of GUIs good luck
  4. Senze

    Gui Input lost

    Hey Guys, I've got a little Proble since 1.1 with my Gui's. I Know there is a new Event (new Events) for this but i don't know how to use it =( The Problem is, if I click outsite of an botton, an editbox, an Memo or Something else, to the Window which the Button or other GUI element is a part from, the Bottons aren't clickable anymore or the editboxes won't be able to edit. I hope someone knows what I mean and I would be happy about an answer. GreeZe from Germany SenZe
  5. Senze


    have you use the example client side so onClientRender is only avaible on client side
  6. a now i see it ^^ i#ve known this befor but havnt implemented thnaks
  7. Hey Guys there is a command i think its integrated in MTASA the command is known as "/me arg1 agr2 arg3 ..." and its in use to talk with other players but the problem there are chatlimits to my script but the command will talk to alle an ignored the chatlimits i have no ideas to "turn off" thne command the one i think is to canel it in "onPlayerChat" but how? Someone can Help me Plz Nice Greeze SenZe
  8. there is very much code so i cant post them all here ^^ but thank you i think i founded in my script a misstake like this
  9. Hey Guys i've got a litte Problem since a short pariot of time I get this error: attempt to call a table value but there is no errorline in the console an later it will followed with the following error attempt to call string Value to debug this so i dont know how to fix this problem anyone know's what this error means? thanks a lot
  10. hm so i have to try something else but thank you maybe someone has another idea
  11. hey Guys I have to start a new part in my script to flood from time to time the city but now there is the problem i've take the maxlimites from san andreas in my createWater so now is the problem the SFPD garage is under water and some other to someone knows how to fix that? or is there another way to bypass this problem?
  12. so thank you but i have to try something other and it will work to =) i create i timer with o local variable and put it into a elementdata (from the current vehicle) if the player would take of the engine i get the elemtn data and kill the timer so it works =)
  13. hm your right hm i see so no way =/ but how to create a timer for only this vehicle?
  14. Hey Guys today i started to create a fuel system but so I have one problem the fuel doesn't stop if the player left the car so the fuel only have to stop if the player set the enginestate of the vehicle to false And have to start drain the fule in the vehicle if the player is start the engine (toggle enginestate to true). If he forgoten to toggle the enginestate to "false" it will drain more and more so how can i handler this? create timer for all cars i think this sucks =/ so plz help me =(
  15. Senze

    Is this a bug?

    damit so i ve try another one but thanks guys
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